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by Matt W 10/31/2023

by Dan Williams 08/28/2023

by Jacob Flanigan 07/28/2023

This course was very helpful. It is easy enough to read IEEE1547. Understanding everything is says is another thing. This course is immensely helpful to understand not just what the requirements in the standard mean but also to learn the history and the application of the IEEE 1547. If you are working on distributed generation projects it is so important to understand these standards. There is a lot of confusion and lack of knowledge from developers, utilities, and AHJs. I would highly recommend this course to anyone working on DER interconnections.

by Chris L 09/08/2023

by Thomas O 08/01/2023

by Cully M 05/16/2023

by Kelly S 05/05/2023

by Michelle V 04/11/2023

by Ryan F 04/05/2023

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