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by Dr Sumathi Premkumar 04/26/2020

Useful to the learners

by Dr Premkumar Krishnamoorthi 04/26/2020

Useful course to the student community. Good

by Kofi Osei-Adjei, Pv Solar engineer, Tomcal Ventures 04/04/2020

Excellent delivery, this course is a life changing in my career .

by Samir ABDELMALEK 02/25/2019

To help them

by Griffin M 02/04/2019

by Nawal Mishra, Director, Subham Solar Solution Pvt. Ltd 10/16/2018


by AYUSH RAJPUT 04/06/2018

It was a nice course it gave me a lot of experience about the spreadsheets and income and outcome of a companies working.

by Brian White, President, Mohawk Sun Energy Solutions 03/16/2018

Take this course

by Richard Asamoah Boateng 09/02/2017


by MADHUMITHA T 03/12/2017

by Jeffrey Delgado 12/23/2016

All are encouraged to take the course.

by Colleen Clark 10/22/2016

important to know ROI on marketing dollars - this course is great and provides TOOL that you can download and use

by Jim Jacobsen, Mesla Energy Inc 09/30/2016

First of many Heatspring courses I will take. Excellent format.

by hosam a 03/06/2023

by Nath G 05/06/2020

by SENTHILKUMAR S 04/27/2020

by Dr.P. G 04/27/2020

by Chinh L 08/26/2019

by Ben T 03/28/2019

by Sarah M 06/18/2018

by Wayne M 02/20/2017

by arthur m 02/18/2017

by Alyssia O 02/09/2017

by Eddie R 02/01/2017

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