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by Hamza B 04/14/2022

by Peter N 04/06/2022

by Shawn van Hoek-Patterson 01/03/2021

Thought provoking synopsis on the state of electrification for heating from two different perspectives: single family and commercial/multi-family units.

by Stephen Funnell, Home Owner 01/02/2021

I would recommend this course to anyone who is planning on doing any sort of renovation. This is especially true of anyone who will be doing whole home renovations.

by Joanne Coons 01/02/2021

Excellent overview of ashp availability, building owners hesitancy to adoption and discussion about refrigerants. Low hanging fruit solutions were also discussed which is always a good starting point. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

by Andrew Rudin 12/23/2020

Could not see course.

by Kent H 01/01/2023

by dan c 06/11/2022

by Ben E 05/20/2022

by John S 05/09/2022

by Tyler I 04/11/2022

by Senai H 12/08/2021

by DAWIT A 12/03/2021

by Ogbazgi M 12/01/2021

by Austen P 11/19/2021

by Zachary G 11/19/2021

by Daniel G 11/04/2021

by Lesley W 09/20/2021

by Matthew I 08/04/2021

by Kennedy C 06/30/2021

by Samuel T 05/15/2021

by Joshua M 03/04/2021

by David S 02/08/2021

by David M 02/02/2021

by Kevin B 02/01/2021

by Les P 01/26/2021

by Vanessa G 01/13/2021

by Margie L 01/11/2021

by William H 01/09/2021

by Arthur W 01/08/2021

by Tom A 01/07/2021

by Timothy H 01/06/2021

by Timothy F 01/06/2021

by John W 01/04/2021

by Jon K 01/03/2021

by Tim W 01/03/2021

by Ian W 01/01/2021

by P.Abirami P 12/28/2020

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