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by omar lolandes, Altenergy Incorporated 01/14/2019

I really enjoy Mr. Marlow's presentation and his hands on approach to teaching. This is a course based on real experience and you can feel that from beginning to end

by Tai Nguyen, C/O, ICC General contractor LLC 01/10/2019

This course is easy to understand

by Jon Renas, Service Engineer, Advance Solar & Energy Solutions 06/27/2017

This course added a lot to my knowledge base. Very helpful!

by ibrahim karagoghly, engineer, collectsun 10/19/2015

it was interesting and helpful course

by Rick Pourchot, Project Coordinator, Solarflair Energy Inc. 10/06/2015

This course was very informative. The information provided was really thorough and exceeded that needed for the NABCEP Solar Heating Entry Level Exam.

by Rich Manning, Owner, Energy Master LI Building Consultants 08/30/2015

Not at this time

by Darrell M 06/20/2021

by Chris S 07/27/2017

by Robert (Bob) C 05/10/2017

by Meg H 10/30/2016

by Darren G 06/10/2016

by Tad H 10/23/2015