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by Edgar Lim 05/01/2023

The Solar MBA course is an exceptional program that provides students with an in-depth understanding of the solar energy industry and the business models that support it. One of the things I appreciated about this course is the high level of expertise and knowledge that the instructors brought to the table. The curriculum is designed to be practical, relevant, and up-to-date, and the instructors are experienced professionals who have a wealth of real-world experience to share. The course covers a broad range of topics, including solar energy policy, financing, technology, and project management. I found the course materials to be well-organized and easy to follow. Overall, I would highly recommend the Solar MBA course to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the solar energy industry. The program provides a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that are essential for success in this field, and the instructors are dedicated to helping their students achieve their goals. Whether you are just starting out or are looking to advance your career, the Solar MBA course is an excellent investment in your future.

by Stella Martinez, Finance Consultant- CEO, Green Mngmt Consulting 12/21/2022

The course is very well structured and since I do not have experience in the photovoltaic industry, I have not had any difficulties understanding how financial analysis works in this industry. The proposed assignments helped me understand and apply what I studied. Also, I gained skills to use in my career in the solar PV industry. I highly recommend this course even if you have never participated in a PV solar project.

by Ed Rilkoff, Energy Consultant, Self-Employed 12/04/2020

This is a great course. The content was ideal for someone like me that has experience in the energy industry but not in solar development. It focuses on what you need to know to be successful and is hands-on.

by Michael Fried, Business Development Manager, Pure Power Contractors Inc. 11/18/2019

Very well thought out class; I wish I took this course when I was getting started in PV development several years ago. The materials included (in particular the excel models) could help accelerate your learning curve exponentially; even seasoned practitioners can learn new tricks of the trade. Thank You Keith & Chris.

by Chris Gordon, Associate Director - Project Development, EDF Distribution Scale Power 11/16/2023

As a seasoned project developer in the Utility Scale Solar industry, this course helped me gain a good perspective on the economics of solar projects by taking a deeper dive into solar finance models and the rationale behind the calculations that are often handled by other colleagues in different departments .

by Dion Mahase 03/24/2020

This was quite an intensive course that required a significant amount of time studying at home. In the end, it was certainly worth the effort after achieving a fairly sound grasp on the subject matter.

by Eman M. A 01/30/2019

by Jordan Hinton, Senior Microgrid Analyst, PowerSecure 09/06/2018

Very advanced course, but very powerful tool and environment for educating individuals that are serious about the renewable industry.

by John Billingsley, Business Development Manager, Sunfinity Solar 03/02/2018

This course is full of fantastic learning materials for those who are green behind the ears in the solar industry.

by Chris Brown, Principal, Energy Developer, Guymard Development 04/08/2017

The Solar MBA course is an excellent balance of practical, hands-on exercises and information about the challenges and opportunities in solar development but what made it outstanding was the teaching skill and attention to each student's needs and questions from Chris and Keith.

by Alex Khokhlov, Director/Co - Founder, Power Production Management, Inc. 04/06/2017

I highly recommend this course to anyone seriously looking into modeling or financing solar deals and EPC's alike. With a decade in the industry, and hundreds of solar projects on the ground, I still found lost of great material and go my "money's worth". I really enjoyed the instruction style and stayed motivated and interested throughout. Thank you Keith and Chris for this great course!

by Andrea Feltrin, European Commission, Programme Officer 04/04/2017

This MBA training offers great learning opportunities for professionals in the industry. Keith and Chris are very knowledgable and have been extremely helpful throughout the course.

by Emiliano Detta, Sustainable Energy Expert, German Development Bank (KfW) 04/01/2017

Very good summary of all the critical elements of solar PV project development! Specially suited for Distributed Projects but also applicable for larger scale ones!

by Veronica McFadden, Project Director, Trusted Energy 03/31/2017

This was a very informative class and covered a lot of important materials. The items that I found particularly helpful were examples and scenarios of things to consider.

by Debra Stoever, Owner/Architect, Caryatid Designs LLC 03/30/2017

A well rounded class, suitable for all levels of solar knowledge. I highly recommend this class for all of those in the industry or thinking about getting into the industry!

by Michele Buchanan, Vice President, Carolina Mountain Solar 03/20/2017

The Solar Executive MBA Training really helped me take my knowledge of Solar to an entirely new level. I now have a new confidence as well as models to refer to that will assist me in taking our company to the next level. Bravo Chris and Keith!

by Alex Saenz, Founder & CEO, US GREEN ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES 02/15/2017

As the CEO of US GREEN ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES my job is to add value to the company. The SOLAR MBA course, has added value to our company. US GREEN is now participating and winning bids on commercial installations for the first time. Due in large part to the confidence and knowledge this course provided.

by Diego Escalante, Operations Director, Helios Holdings 08/25/2016

The course gave me hands-on tools and techniques to understand the solar energy business and to apply them in my projects. Thumbs up!

by Ernesto Grossmann, COFO, Golden Solar Electric, LLC 07/07/2016

Great course. Chris and Keith are top notched solar experts that will guide you through the understanding of solar financing and how the market works. This course is great for those seeking a more in depth understating on how to structure financial models for different scenarios out there like PPAs, partnership flips, etc. Highly recommended.

by Ravi Narayanasamy, SolSigma Inc. 04/01/2016

The technology is straight forward. But this course really taught me how to apply the technology in the solar business and marketplace. It gave me a very good understanding and hands-on experience for the economics and financing behind solar projects and the tax implications thereof. It tied together your business to the customer. It showed me how to plan and structure the organization and tune it to compete in the market for the business. It met all my expectations and more and I'm glad to have taken it.

by Andres Gomez de Barco, CEO Founder, BancaValor 12/18/2015

I loved the course. Is challenging and in puts everything under perfective on how to achieve excellence on the solar business. Keith deep understanding on management and leadership and Chris background in legal and investment banking makes the perfect mix to actually realize how the best companies in the world run their business. If we all could sit down and study how to improve our own companies with all this knowledge properly implemented, you would have to be a very good competitor to bit us. Even though I didn`t have a background on the solar industry. I learn the thinking framework to be able to sit down with experts on the same room and understand what they are thinking. Thanks Keith, thanks Chris

by Chris Jablonski, President, Collegiate Builders, Inc. 10/22/2015

I would advise others to take the course!

by Cassidy Kors, Sr. Engagement Manager - Distributed Generation, CustomerFirst Renewables 10/17/2015

This course was great for getting a comprehensive and detailed look into the economic forces that drive solar development.

by Sandor Nagy, Director, Solestex Pty Ltd 10/13/2015

For all those who want to dig deeper into the financial modelling for Solar PV projects, the Solar MBA course provides an excellent platform

by Tom G 03/15/2023

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