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by Tylor Johnson, EPC Project Engineer 05/17/2022

Really great course to further your education in the renewable energy in industry.

by Sedley Henry 07/04/2023

This short course is a powerful "eye-opener" to the endless benefits of turning unused land in the form of Landfills into a viable source of energy which is both environmentally beneficial to all while at the same time providing unlimited economic benefits. After reviewing this course and taking notes I can no longer drive by a vacant piece of land or any building and not think of how I can transform it into something really useful to society. I encourage everyone and their families to review this course and see how it affects their lives. I am convince that this material is so important and the significance of the topic affects each individuals life whether or not they know it.

by MaryEllen Barker 02/05/2023

This insightful course provided the right balance of background and resources. I would undoubtedly recommend this course. It is worth your investment of time.

by Ted Monhollon 01/20/2023


by moatasem tarek 10/29/2022


by Muhammad Naeem Akhtar 08/27/2022

well explained

by Alyssa H 10/27/2023

by Tamarah T 08/17/2023

by Joshua D 08/03/2023

by Pedro E 03/23/2023

by Alejandro N 03/22/2023

by William C 02/16/2023

by Brenda H 01/27/2023

by Loraine J 01/13/2023

by Diego T 11/29/2022

by James W 11/15/2022

by Lipsa K 10/06/2022

by Candace D 09/20/2022

by Robert M 09/06/2022

by ZORAN P 08/11/2022

by Magnaisuren D 08/10/2022

by Ernest C 07/28/2022

by Ash B 07/22/2022

by Noah P 07/11/2022

by Lamey F 06/24/2022

by Sarah C 06/21/2022

by James I 06/16/2022

by arthur m 06/14/2022

by Meriem T 06/12/2022

by Siddharth T 06/12/2022

by Ordain M 06/07/2022

by Erik G 06/06/2022

by Chinmay P 05/30/2022

by Michael M 05/27/2022

by Crystal L 05/27/2022

by Zoltán B 05/27/2022

by Julia C 05/21/2022

by Sokanha L 05/16/2022

by Rolih F 05/15/2022

by Jason B 05/15/2022

by Vladimir B 05/14/2022

by Darin J 05/10/2022

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