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by David Lamb 10/21/2022

Another great course, thanks!! The content helps make the ICC codes less obscure.

by Dan F 03/25/2022

by Rafael G 03/02/2022

by Quinton P 02/25/2022

by Ibrahim Emmanuel Wali, Engineer , Living safe Nigeria limited 10/01/2022

Life changing

by Anthony Weidenfeller 05/05/2022

I have done many of Sean and Bill's course, online and in person. They are very informative and very helpful for keeping up with code changes.

by Yasir Mehboob 06/17/2021

Obously this course is very informative and provide unique information

by JOSEPH MARHAMATI 06/15/2021

Great course, highly recommended!

by Brian Goldojarb 06/07/2021

A truely unique presentation style of up-to date information. It worked better than any other I have put my time in to complete.

by alfredo palattao, engineer, commonwealth utilities corporation 05/13/2021

Very informative.

by Glen Suhren, Engineer, Self 05/01/2021

Very knowledgeable expert taking about the world of codes required to do a compliant project in a changing world of solar and storage.

by Ty Pritchard 04/27/2021

Easy and engaging learning opportunity.

by RJ Chastain, Engineer, Encompass Contractors North America 04/08/2021

Due to a shortage of Time i will Just be Basic In my Analogue …Over the Top ..I loved It

by Ayomide Isaac Orekunrin, Engr., Inlaks Limited 04/06/2021

This is the tip of an iceberg. I can't wait to register for the 58-hour PVIP NABCEP course.

by Ohimai Roland Imoudume 03/30/2021

It’s has enhanced my understanding and view

by jhon perez 03/28/2021

to the student taking this course next take your time and understand whats been explained, for me it was fun and enjoyable because i work on the field and it came easy but it is a really good course to get an understanding on why things change and why we do certain things

by Derek M 03/22/2021

by David Johnson 03/01/2021

This was yet another awesome Heatspring course with a great combo of expert knowledge and explanations, relevant and timely content, and just enough Sean and Bill silly banter to keep things interesting. Thanks for offering this course!

by George O'Connor, Creative Inventor/Solar Scientist in Training 03/01/2021

I continually learn and keep updated through heatsprings courses.

by Ernest Palinkas 02/28/2021

reading a book currently on what the planet will be like if we are no longer here to somewhat innocently destroy it. I was thinking that until then we might use and be grateful for the gift of life to her protector.

by Scott Sousa, Sunation Solar Systems Inc. 02/26/2021

Fast paced, great starter course . The conversation method keeps it interesting.

by Jenna Edwards 02/18/2021

Awesome instructors!

by Sadik Shaikh, Solar.O&M technician, Kalpa power limited 02/15/2021


by Alex Miller 02/12/2021

This is a great course with valuable information. Its easy to understand and well thought out. Illustrations are nice addition. I enjoyed the course and most of all gained knowledge!

by Alexander Sievers 02/12/2021

Two of the best in the industry give you the latest and greatest of PV code updates!

by Jan Gudell, Program Manager, Elevate Energy 02/08/2021

Great course presented by two industry experts in a conversational format. Highly informative and engaging!

by Bryan Tempel 01/29/2021

Go at your own pace makes it doable for those who have to work during the day. Best way to never stop learning

by keesler Byrd, President/CEO, KC Byrd Electrical Contractor, Inc 01/27/2021

Good course. Easy to follow

by Chuka Emereni 01/26/2021

It was great listening to your training classes. I enjoyed every bit of it for you demonstrated mastery of the subject matter. You have an impressive professional background from your LinkedIn profile, and that is very motivating.

by Nicholas Pike 01/25/2021

sean white is a great instructor. I've taken his classes for most of my NABCEP PVIP certification and recertification credits. highly recommended.

by charles baxter, owner, neat circle electric 01/24/2021

by VISHAL VAISHNAV 01/17/2021


by Ahmed Hefdhi Mohsin 01/16/2021

It was really good course and chance to know more about NEC and other codes

by Zach Sprau 01/10/2021

Great course. Good to hear from the pros who are helping shape industry professional education.

by TYRONE WHITESIDE 01/03/2021

Great course, well arranged, would recommend the learning format.

by Michael Liwanag, Sunertech, Project Manager 01/02/2021

Well done guys and thank you for sharing your expertises and experiences.

by Sean Hanson, Operations Manager, Golden Solar Electric 12/15/2020

Great course well worth the time investment

by Chris Colgan, Owner, Colgan Solar 12/10/2020

I would recommend this course to Solar Installers looking for a better understanding of the Fire codes and the Roof setback requirements.

by dario cubric 12/02/2020

Great course to review code adders, instructors were great!

by James McMahan, Installation Manager, Ecology Solar LLC 11/28/2020

The information presented by Heat Spring is up to date, accurate and some of the best out there!

by Onoel Nambo 11/20/2020

I have a better understanding of the Fire Codes, which I had been struggling with. I can now confidently design and distinguish the different setback configuration.

by Filomeno Eric Gutierrez 11/19/2020

fun and informative

by Kareem Bendeck 11/11/2020

Heatspring is an incredible resource for anyone trying to wrap their head around the everchanging PV landscape. We are all so fortunate for it's easy of use and access! Great laughs included at no extra charge.

by Winston Davis, President, Yeini Construction 11/05/2020

This course is an excellent introduction to BESS and PV systems. It explains in simple terms relevant codes and standards. I strongly recommend this course for anyone looking to go in this field.

by Alex Mankowski, Electrician, Catskill Solar 11/02/2020

LISTEN TO THIS COURSE! If you pay attention, take notes you can refer back to, and stop to think about each portion individually, you can really obtain and retain a lot of really useful information for your installer career.

by Jesse Symonds, Field Manager 10/30/2020

This is the perfect course to round out my CEUs for PVIP recertification without spending a fortune.

by Ashley Edwards, Operations Manager, ProSolar Systems 10/17/2020

Informative way to learn about code standards and how they apply to solar and storage

by Ibrahim mostafa abo alkheir Alhosari 10/01/2020


by monaem elmnifi 09/30/2020


by Sushovan Hazra 09/09/2020

Very nice

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