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Renewable Energy for the Developing World - Self Study

Ian Woofenden • Last updated 02/2021

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Course description

Renewable energy (RE) technologies have broad application in the "developing world"- rural countries and areas that have less technology and infrastructure. In fact, bringing RE to poorer and more remote places can leap-frog technology that we have come to assume as "normal" in our modern lives, avoiding cost and environmental damage.

Ian Woofenden has been consulting, teaching, and leading projects in Central America and the Caribbean for more than a decade, and shares his first-hand experience with seven RE technologies.

Using photographs of real-world projects, stories, and lessons, Ian brings realism to our desire to help others, with insight into what works and what doesn't. Ian's Costa Rica workshops are featured in this 45-minute lecture that may inspire and entertain you.

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Full course outline

Module 1 - Watch 'Renewable Energy for the Developing World'

Watch Ian's 45-minute 'Renewable Energy for the Developing World' lecture, learn more about his in-person workshop in Costa Rica and upcoming 'Small Wind 101' training.

  • Renewable Energy for the Developing World (45:15 minutes)


Ian Woofenden

Ian Woofenden has been using wind electricity for more than 30 years. He is the author of Wind Power for Dummies and many articles on wind power in Home Power Magazine, where he works as a senior editor. He has been a writer, teacher, consultant, and tower jockey in the wind industry and loves to share his knowledge and experience, with an off-grid end-user’s... Learn more


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by Alaa Latif karim 09/19/2023

I wish you all the best

by Zafar Iqbal Zafar 09/16/2023

Very well designed for the biggeners who can afford to leave once they started it.

by Matthew Adams 10/04/2022

This course showed some very cool ideas for delivering power to "developing" parts of the world. But the presenter has some weird self-hate thing going on, where he can't stop bashing Western civilizations. Every other sentence, he feels the need to throw in a snide remark about North America and European countries. Without those countries, and the mistakes/successes they've gone through, these developing nations wouldn't be getting the clean energy you so desperately want to push. Ask someone from a poor country if they'd prefer digging by hand, or with a machine that does it in half the time and effort, and I'm sure they'd pick the machine.

by Ayomide Isaac Orekunrin, Engr., Inlaks Limited 03/25/2021

A good overview of available renewable energy technologies.

by Cletus Ogah, Engr 03/22/2021

Very insightful lecture. Open your eyes and minds to easy ways you can employ renewable energy technologies to serve local communities on a developing world like mine. Happy to have taken the course.

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