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by Dan Lewis, GenPro Energy 10/27/2022

by Victor Adenugba 09/07/2022

It was really an insightful lecture. It explains the fundamentals of electricity distribution system

by Kirlos Nabil 06/21/2022


by Calvin Horton, Design Engineer, Holt Renewables 06/15/2022

This course helped to better understand distribution networks better than my university professors

by Napoleon Leoni Lanz, Owner, LEONI ENGINEERING 06/14/2022

This is a very basic lecture about Distribution systems. No formulas but good definitions and description of all components involved. Ready to go on the equations

by Marian King 06/03/2022

Thank you for breaking this down for non-engineers. Now I know a lot more about one-lines and equipment!

by Doug Palmbach 05/28/2022

This is a wonderful course for anyone, but not limited to those whom have no experience with this subject.

by Bob Solger, Managing Partner, Solar Design Studio 05/15/2022

Highly recommend to anyone involved in the engineering and design of solar pv and EV charging systems.

by Mohit Jaiswal 05/08/2021

I have really been looking for a course to understand the Distribution systems and finally got found this. I now believe I have a good understanding of the subject. However, I would love to do the detailed course, but as a student I can't really afford it.

by Jorge H 11/17/2022

by Graham A 11/16/2022

by Robert D 11/09/2022

by David D 10/10/2022

by Omar Abdulaziz N 09/25/2022

by Timothy L 09/20/2022

by Matthew A 09/14/2022

by Jon B 08/03/2022

by Majid N 08/02/2022

by Jekabs H 08/02/2022

by Mubarak a 08/02/2022

by Mark K 07/31/2022

by Joshua F 07/26/2022

by Ernest C 07/26/2022

by Ilana H 07/18/2022

by Zack L 07/08/2022

by Rajesh C 07/04/2022

by Jorge d 07/01/2022

by Ahmed A 06/28/2022

by Rick M 06/24/2022

by Gary T 06/08/2022

by Candace D 06/08/2022

by Fariha M 06/06/2022

by Muhammed A 05/26/2022

by Denise M 05/26/2022

by Connor O 05/20/2022

by Ben E 05/20/2022

by Quincy M 05/17/2022

by Elie S 05/15/2022

by Andrew G 05/12/2022

by Bhanu swaroop G 05/09/2022

by Thy N 05/09/2022

by Hans A 05/06/2022

by Raed A 05/04/2022

by Ben S 05/04/2022

by Eric C 05/01/2022

by Shaun O 04/26/2022

by Mark D 04/26/2022

by Peter B 04/25/2022

by Nicholas B 04/14/2022

by Sandy W 04/12/2022