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by Dan M 11/21/2023

by yamil brull 07/03/2023

really enjoy

by Derek P 06/05/2023

by Rabi Elkoukabi 03/06/2023

I like it

by Mohammed Elkassimi 02/16/2023

This cours itsa really really good

by Tom Schroeder 02/10/2023

Attempting to broaden my knowledge of electricity and how it gets from factory to home. I have several years of solar PV design experience and found this course very informative and entertaining. Tim does a great job introducing Electrical Distribution Systems.

by Steve Pope 12/20/2022

Great introduction to Electrical Distribution Systems. Felt that the material was easy to understand and helped provide a solid foundation on which to build.

by Youcef Mortadji 12/17/2022

Very good

by Oluwademilade Ogunwo 12/03/2022

I found this course to have valuable content on the electricity distribution system. The instructor is quite knowledgeable which reflects in how well the material in the course is explained.

by Dan Lewis, GenPro Energy 10/27/2022

by Victor Adenugba 09/07/2022

It was really an insightful lecture. It explains the fundamentals of electricity distribution system

by Kirlos Nabil 06/21/2022


by Calvin Horton, Design Engineer, Holt Renewables 06/15/2022

This course helped to better understand distribution networks better than my university professors

by Napoleon Leoni Lanz, Owner, LEONI ENGINEERING 06/14/2022

This is a very basic lecture about Distribution systems. No formulas but good definitions and description of all components involved. Ready to go on the equations

by Marian King 06/03/2022

Thank you for breaking this down for non-engineers. Now I know a lot more about one-lines and equipment!

by Doug Palmbach 05/28/2022

This is a wonderful course for anyone, but not limited to those whom have no experience with this subject.

by Bob Solger, Managing Partner, Solar Design Studio 05/15/2022

Highly recommend to anyone involved in the engineering and design of solar pv and EV charging systems.

by Mohit Jaiswal 05/08/2021

I have really been looking for a course to understand the Distribution systems and finally got found this. I now believe I have a good understanding of the subject. However, I would love to do the detailed course, but as a student I can't really afford it.

by Darshan C 11/29/2023

by Rishi P 11/23/2023

by Scott L 11/02/2023

by Cheyenne L 10/27/2023

by Tom M 10/27/2023

by Aljaily S 10/27/2023

by Tatiana S 10/25/2023

by Adwoa Agyeiwaa A 10/16/2023

by Ashutosh T 10/16/2023

by Durosca J 10/14/2023

by Andrew B 09/27/2023

by Konnar K 09/26/2023

by Siddharth T 09/24/2023

by Mary O 09/21/2023

by Kenneth G 09/19/2023

by Essa D 09/19/2023

by Cameron G 09/18/2023

by Edgardo Jr. B 09/14/2023

by Bernardo C 09/08/2023

by Sardor K 09/07/2023

by Charley H 08/23/2023

by Aldo G 08/16/2023

by David G 08/10/2023

by Shannon C 08/04/2023

by Frank J 08/04/2023

by Paul C 07/28/2023

by Colin B 07/21/2023

by William C 07/11/2023

by Isabella D 07/07/2023

by samanvay s 07/06/2023

by Miguel G 06/29/2023

by Pratik R 06/28/2023

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