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by Jacob G 10/05/2023

by Abhiram A 10/04/2023

by Derrick R 09/29/2023

by Kaleb B 09/18/2023

by Aaron J 09/07/2023

by Aash S 08/28/2023

by Nathaniel R 08/06/2023

by Shir Ahmad P 06/01/2023

by Roger G 05/24/2023

by murphy a 05/09/2023

by Oliver S 04/11/2023

by Miguel R 04/05/2023

by Yossi B 03/28/2023

by Stephen C 03/14/2023

by Ben B 02/15/2023

by Noah O 02/06/2023

by Del P 02/02/2023

by Manuel M 01/23/2023

by Tim Suddoth 11/04/2022

I highly recommend this course, especially for those who will be inspecting PV and ESS systems regularly.

by Gary Ludwig 10/25/2022

don't hesitate to join this made all the difference....Sean knows his stuff and shares it well

by Luis J 10/25/2022

by Blair Buselli, Owner/Operator, Buselli Solutions 10/04/2022

I am a NABCEP PV Professional in a rural area where the inspectors actually look to me for their standard for enforcing codes. It puts a lot of pressure on my company to help work with the inspectors on providing the best installation standards for our area. This course helps me to maintain the respect of the local professionals as well as the integrity of the trade. Thank you

by Jeremy G 10/02/2022

by adrian b 09/18/2022

by Derek L 09/08/2022

by Ken Stewart, President, Easley Electric Inc. 08/17/2022

Sean is the best! He motivates you to learn in a fun way. He's responsive when you send in questions or comments, thoroughly qualified to enable you to succeed in passing NABCEP exams!

by Ashley M 08/12/2022

by Andrew K 08/11/2022

by John C 08/09/2022

by Brandon S 08/01/2022

by Prithviraj Shelke, Senior Project Engineer, RWE Renewables Inc. 07/27/2022

Having few years of experience I was already familiarized with NEC but after taking this course I do feel more confident about where and what to look for when designing for solar PV projects.

by JESSE H 06/23/2022

by Derek L 05/18/2022

by Herb W 05/11/2022

by Hu X 05/05/2022

by Solar Integrator, CEO, Solar Power Integrator 04/24/2022

The class is well organized and the instructor share his incredible experience on the field. Experience and example are very valuable if match with a good theory explain very well.

by Driss B 04/13/2022

by Roger M 04/09/2022

by Zdzislaw P 04/01/2022

by Roger M 03/18/2022

by Matt D 02/28/2022

by Chase D 01/25/2022

by Joe U 11/11/2021

by Parker S 11/09/2021

by Enyinnaya E 10/06/2021

by John O 10/02/2021

by Eduardo d 07/27/2021

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