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by Jonathan Golebiewski 08/17/2022

This course really helped guide me in my studies and provided a lot of new information. I am very eager to take the exam now.

by Henry P 08/10/2022

by Jarrod Starr, Solar Business Development Manager, Third Sun Kokosing Solar 08/10/2022

Sean's an excellent communicator on all things solar! Whether you're looking to get a foot hold in the industry or advance your career, I highly recommend taking one of Sean's Heatspring courses! I feel more confident in my knowledge and the ability to more effectively communicate the basics of solar PV!

by Caleb C 08/09/2022

by Rocco F 08/05/2022

by Ehab I 08/05/2022

by Nathan C 08/02/2022

by Nick M 08/02/2022

by Oliver I 07/31/2022

by Abhinav K 07/30/2022

by Paulo P 07/27/2022

by Alex C 07/25/2022

by Ian E 07/24/2022

by Muneer A 07/20/2022

by James W 07/15/2022

by Matt Votoupal 07/13/2022

Instructor was fun and kind. Always messaging back on discussion board posts makes it feel more like a conversation and less of a task

by Vincent B 07/12/2022

by Daniel R 07/04/2022

by Johanna E 07/03/2022

by Khairi E 07/01/2022

by Khairi E 07/01/2022

by Drew C 06/27/2022

by Yvan M 06/26/2022

by Daxton H 06/21/2022

by Moses Zhou 06/16/2022

It was an honor to take a course with the greatest snowboarder of all time

by James C 06/13/2022

by Leonardo U 06/09/2022

by Carter W 06/07/2022

by Hassan Z 06/06/2022

by Joshua R 06/06/2022

by Konstantin P 06/01/2022

by Justin A 06/01/2022

by Justin A 06/01/2022

by Cody O 06/01/2022

by Riley N 05/29/2022

by Justin A 05/27/2022

by Joshua R 05/26/2022

by Upma S 05/23/2022

by Richard C 05/21/2022

by Yvan M 05/19/2022

by Riley Neugebauer, Trainer, Solar for Women & Footprint Project 05/17/2022

As someone who has some experience with installation, but who is still learning, this course really helped make sense of the National Electric Code and brought my understanding to a whole different level. In addition to all of the materials, having access to Sean via the discussion forum where you can ask any questions you can think up was also really valuable. I'm feeling much more prepared to take the NABCEP exam than I was when I started.

by Eric W 05/16/2022

by Shane K 05/12/2022

by Jim M 05/07/2022

by Elizabeth M 05/03/2022

by Michael DiPanfilo, Project Engineer, Earthlight Technologies 05/01/2022

My knowledge of PV design has increased immensely by taking this course. I would suggest it to anyone pursuing a career in Solar.

by Kenna R 04/29/2022

by Geoff S 04/29/2022

by Pastor M 04/26/2022

by William R 04/24/2022