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by Ryan Hunt, Technical Engineer, Safari Energy 11/13/2023

Sean's PVIP course was crucial in preparing for the exam. Despite how complicated the material and process of the exam is, Sean does an excellent job of breaking down all the different sections and making the entire process clear and understandable. His responsiveness to discussion board posts also allowed any confusion or questions to be quickly resolved.

by Chirag S 11/14/2023

by Philip K 10/19/2023

by Mark C 10/10/2023

by Robert I 08/15/2023

by Joseph E 07/17/2023

by Timothy M 06/24/2023

by Derek E 06/19/2023

by Ahmed B 06/15/2023

by Harold R 05/04/2023

by Stacey E 04/30/2023

by Patrick W 04/29/2023

by Rob R 03/27/2023

by david m 02/24/2023

by Chris H 12/14/2022

by Rex G 12/13/2022

by Kimberly K 12/13/2022

by Mohammed M 09/06/2022

by Eric D 09/02/2022

by Ivy D 08/29/2022

by Khairi E 07/01/2022

by Justin A 06/01/2022

by Riley N 05/29/2022

by Max R 04/07/2022

by Kai N 02/10/2022

by Jared M 12/28/2021

by Marc D 12/21/2021

by Chinmay P 11/14/2021

by Julio P 09/13/2021

by Jordan B 08/02/2021

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