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The Heatspring Advanced PV course is great. There is a large amount of material provided, covering all the exam objectives. Sean and Bill present the material in an often entertaining manner, which helped keep me interested and engaged, so I could learn and retain the knowledge I needed. It definitely was key to helping me pass the exam.

Ken Nadsady
Owner/Lead Installer, AviSun Renewable Energy

The course goes way beyond just learning about solar. All the additional information related to our craft made me feel like I got more than my money’s worth.

Hilario Godines
Owner, Renewable Energy Of Texas

I found Sean's instruction to be very valuable and an enjoyable way to learn what I need to know while going for the NABCEP PV Installer exam.

Tristan Wall
Superintendent , JR&CO

Though I am designing the Solar PV system for residential and commercial since 8 years, this course made me mode so confident and more accurate design. I recommend to take this course who are in and thinking to come in PV sector.

Mangal Maharjan
Design Engineer, EDF Renewables

I would recommend this course for anyone looking to obtain certification. I have taken other courses and they do not have the detailed explanations that this course covers. Also Sean's knowledge as an electrician speaks volumes.

Richard Fry
Co founder, Kuubix Global, LLC

I would strongly recommend Sean's course(s) to anyone looking to advance their knowledge about solar. His courses are very well designed to create a learning experience that makes you think about and understand each topic very well.

Sterling Jessop
CCO, 5 Star Solar

Thanks so much for the class I hope it helps me pass the test

Jeremy Booska
Operations Manager, Windmar Home Florida inc

Highly recommended! Sean's humor, industry experience and insight made covering the material very manageable.

brendan blank
Assistant Project Manager, ForeFront Power

A very thoroughly explained prep resource to take the NABCEP. So grateful I invested and took the class. Not only am I more confident to tackle the NABCEP exam, I have a year access to the materials so I can really solidify my knowledge and confidence. Thank you so much! Can't wait to crush the exam!!!

Pam Quan
Lead Installer/ Certified Electrician, Luminalt Solar Energy Solutions

I enjoyed this course so much I'm already reaching out to try and get a program together to get all my employees NABCEP certified.

Justin Griffith
CEO/Owner, Pure Energy

The Heatspring NABCEP training has been the best professional online training I have seen, particularly for a subject as involved and lengthy as Solar PV and the NEC.. Many, Many Thanks, I'm sure I'll see you guys again! -RRF

Robert Fiske

Heatspring did a great job making Sean White the instructor for this course. His explanation are very clear and understandable. I have a strong feeling I am going to A's this exam.

Shane Bridgmanhen

thank you for your help

Youne Rimi
Forman, Venture Solar

Great course by a great instructor.

Chintan Patel
PV Design Engineer, Sunrun

You will be known inAfrica before you visit. I will be your marketing guy. Love you man.

Ibrahima NIANG
VP Operations , 313NRG

An excellent course wherein I began with a beginner, associate's knowledge of topics to now having confidence with advanced topics. The instructor, Sean White, is a treasure trove of knowledge, experience and insight and his method is as upbeat as it is complete.

Brian Bresnahan

Don't hesitate to take this course, I really learned a lot. Very very recommended.

Miguel Garza
Lead Engineer, Galt Energy

Dr. White's course is extremely effective for NABCEP exam preparation not only in that the teaching style & course content made it easy to understand, but also that the integrated community participation/instructor communication enables students to reinforce concepts based on their specific learning style. Having students publicly post real-world questions and scenarios further expands on the content and clarifies unique circumstances. Dr. White's timely and encompassing responsiveness to student queries also serves as a desirable characteristic that would be welcome in any classroom whether on the web or in person.

Jesse Canaris
O&M Portfolio Manager, Namaste Solar

The course has been very helpful.

Cameron Carlson
Smart Wave Solar

I am an Electrical Engineer, and have been using the code book for quite a while, yet this is the first time I have clearly understood some of the unclear parts of the code book.

Samuel Dekyem

Sean is an extremely detail oriented and experienced PV professional with a natural aptitude for teaching. Any time I had questions, we was extremely prompt in his responses which shows his dedication to seeing you make it through. Between these traits and his syntactic course delivery method, this course has been essential in sharpening me up prior to writing my NABCEP PVIP exam. Thanks Sean!

Tim Grandjean
Energy & Sustainability Technologist, Shift Energy Group
Sudarsan K

This is a great preparation for solar professional work and the NABCEP exam. You will enjoy Sean's presentation and sense of humor. You cover a lot in a short amount of time.

Bennett Anderson
Pres, BA Power

Even though I work in the solar industry daily and focus on this material on a regular basis, I have been hesitant, and maybe a little intimidated to take the PVIP exam. This course has both exposed me to the concepts and applications that I don't regularly see in the field, and has given me a more robust understanding of theory, code, and design. It has given me more confidence in my daily work and compelled me to expand my knowledge base for further personal development.

Brandon Herman
Director of Field Services, Renu Energy Solutions

I've not taken the exam yet, so I can't say how well the material is represented on the exam. But the material in the textbook and online course was thoroughly covered in a way that I feel I understand it all now.

Gene Townsend
Project Manager, Inman Solar

Sean White does an excellent job of breaking down the NEC code and making it understandable. You will come out of the course with a wealth of new knowledge and with a confidence to take on the NABCEP exam!

Chris Connelly
Owner/President, Solar Bear Energy
Christopher C

What I thought i knew about solar was nothing, I've learned so much that I believe i'm now prepared for the industry and now won't make those common mistakes made in the field.

Lamont'a Hogan Sr.

I highly recommend heat spring course by Dr. Sean White for PV advanced training. Please watch every second of the course videos and keep in touch with Dr. White. I feel lucky to have him as my instructor for this course.

Siddharth Temburni
Director of Engineering , Summit Energy Group

Sean has a very thorough and well organized self pace course for the NABCEP professional exam. He is very responsive to any question you may have.

Seth Kielas
Project Manager, Loverde Builders

I recommend taking this course to anyone looking to prepare for the NABCEP or expand their PV understanding. Sean's knowledge and experience is vast and evident throughout this course. It was a privilege to learn from one of the best!

David Garganese
Owner, Response Electrical Services

I definitely recommend the course. It is worth the $!

Jeffry Martins
CEO, Spectrum Power

I would highly recommend this advanced PV course for anyone serious about the work they perform on a day-to-day basis. The knowledge and tips of the trade are hard to find - with much controversy - yet this course does a great job summarizing and helping you think.

Daniel Horstkamp
Solar Engineer, Energy Select LLC

This course has helped me on my journey through the NEC. Dr. White is always available to answer questions through his discussion board. Solid class. I'll be recommending it to all of my fellow solar associates.

Jay Richardson Jr.
Owner, Jiles Solar, LLC

Great course, I am thankful for all the helpful information.

Taylor Byington
Co Owner , Lime Bright Solar

I don't really see any other way that a student should prepare for the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Exam.

Sean Kelly Long
Owner, Cutting Edge Contracting Inc.


Syed Mujtaba
President, Solora Solar

This course great

PV Design engineer, Global Solar Energy LLc

The course has helped me profusely in understanding many concepts of PV system and NEC codes which had been obfuscating me for months. I like the way Dr. Sean White simplifies difficult NEC codes and make them easy to understand. The fundamentals behind various codes and their application have been explained beautifully throughout the course, which will make the base strong for any engineer who aspires to work in solar industry.

Archit Patnaik
Assistant Project Manager, Pure Power Engineering, inc

This course is awesome, Shawn really knows his stuff. The amount of information is priceless and to learn from someone that as been in the industry as long as he has is a privilege.

Justin Hiner
Foreman, Synergy Solar

This course is a great way to expand your PV knowledge and study for the NABCEP exam.

Drew Biddle
Senior Project Manager, Independence Solar

Highly recommended. Some of my installer coworkers took a course somewhere else and did not get half of the information that I got here. Very comprehensive and well presented. Sean White knows solar and the NEC.

Kerry Lipp
Solar Installer / Electrician, Lipp Electric & Solar

Sorry I don't have time

Richard Dziadul
Principal, Designer, Former Installer, BSET, Pemberton Renewables

This course is incredibly effective and is truly perfect as preparation for the NABCEP Installation Professional Exam. Nothing is left out.

Lucas Titolo
Director of Engineering, Solar Landscape

If you are planning to take the NABCEP test or even just want to learn the many details of PV systems, you would be hard pressed to find a better instructor than Sean White. The information in this coarse is very well laid out and explained in great detail.

Tony Fleming
Project Coordinator , Northwest Edison

This course really helps fill the knowledge cracks that you might have from learning on the job!

ryan gittens

This course was really helpful in both understanding the solar industry as a whole, and preparing for material on the NABCEP PV Installation exam. It was instrumental to my passing of the NABCEP. Shaun was highly responsive in answering questions. I highly recommend taking this course to bolster your solar knowledge.

Jeff Sohn
Senior Manager, Project Development, UGE USA

Really good course, good teacher, great material!

Edgar Mauricio Durán
Chief Technical Officer, Globalem SAS

I hope to take the NABCEP PV Professional certification soon and I will definitely be depending on what I learned in this class to assist me in passing the exam

Jackson Drury
O&M Analyst, Standard Solar

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