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by Saravanan S 04/10/2020

The course is very much useful

by Esther Wanza 04/02/2020

Its a great course especially for those aspiring to be mini grid developers

by Roxanne V 10/29/2017

by Maegan Haroutunians 10/07/2017

This course compares the new rate schedules, compares them with old ones, and how the new rates economically impact the value of solar. It is great to have these issues explained graphically thru EBT.

by kuldip singh 08/01/2017

I thankful to heatspring knowledgeable course on MODELING TIME-OF-USE RATES & THE QUANTIFYING THE VALUE OF SOLAR

by CARL LEE 06/19/2017


by mario g 04/17/2017


Powerful and Effective learning

by MADHUMITHA T 03/12/2017

by Adam G 02/12/2017

by Scott L 11/06/2023

by Twiggy M 10/31/2023

by Ted M 01/20/2023

by Tyler I 05/02/2022

by Bruno H 04/13/2022

by Shuvam S 04/24/2021

by Rachelle M 03/08/2021

by YOUSIF GHAZI A 04/30/2020

by Michael C 04/03/2020

by Michael B 11/18/2018

by Isabella S 08/29/2018

by Tamer R 04/24/2018

by Dan B 10/06/2017

by paul s 08/14/2017

by D B 06/25/2017

by Tamara H 05/26/2017

by Pelletier M 03/08/2017

by arthur m 02/18/2017

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