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by Jessica Antinozzi, Solar Project Designer, Blue Horizon Energy LLC 09/09/2022

Thank you for all the effort to help us to learn and willingness to share your knowledge. - much appreciated:)

by John Serjeantson, Project Coordinator, Solvest Inc 06/22/2022

The Megawatt Design course on Heatspring is a great choice for those transitioning into larger-scale design. I feel much more confident in every aspect of the design process now.

by Hector Hinojosa, Electrical Engineer, Incore Engineering 06/13/2022

I enjoyed the course and learned a lot. I was also a good opportunity to get some good experience using the Helioscope software.

by Jake Jungmann, Alternative Energies Specialist, CDL Electric 04/14/2022

This is a great course that goes into great depth on the process of designing large systems. The instructors have great experience on these topics and gave some very interesting points for consideration on megawatt projects.

by Andrew Obok Opok, Director, Delta Institute of Technology 04/25/2021

The instructors have done a great job is relating theory to practice in this course. I have learned a lot of new techniques which I am able to apply immediately in my company.

by Jeff Duke, Retired, None 04/08/2021

This class really opened my eyes to the how computer modeling (not just CAD) is used in the design, development and analysis of large solar systems. To bad I am retired this class made me want to start a new career!

by Anmol Sajjad 01/04/2021

This was a great course for aspiring, practicing or even veteran PV engineers- its a helpful and refreshing take on what considerations should be prioritized in Megawatt Design.

by John Sherwin, Program Director, Florida Solar Energy Center 12/14/2020

Ryan and Randy are seasoned professionals that give great insight into designing large scale PV systems.

by Katherine Searcy, Engineer and Project Manager, Cation Consultants 07/07/2020

Randy and Ryan offer a comprehensive introduction to large-scale PV design with clear, well-organized and industry-proven approaches that you won't find in other courses. I've gained marketable skills that will improve my offering to customers. Beyond that, Randy and Ryan are incredibly friendly people who enjoy addressing student questions and sharing their extensive knowledge. Thanks for a wonderful class!

by David Botha, CEO, Prime Electrical 06/22/2020

I exponentially increased my understanding of large PV plants. The course and its presenters were outstanding. The material was clearly presented and the exercises challenging as they should be. This knowledge gained in this course has saved me many tens of thousand of dollars I would have lost in ignorant mistakes!

by Ric Solorio, PV Field Technician, ENGIE Services US 01/18/2020


by Brian McGuirk, Nuclear Submarine Officer, U.S. Navy 12/09/2018

This course was taught by experienced practicing professionals who clearly care about providing quality instruction to students of all levels. Highly recommended!

by Brian C 09/04/2018

by Bradley Spernak, Owner/CTO, ProSolar Systems 09/01/2018

This course helped me build the confidence I needed to truly understand large scale PV plan sets and the calculations behind them.

by Leslie Andersen, Design Engineer, Leslie Andersen Consulting 06/13/2018

Thanks guys, loads of material that is very, very valuable as part of a reference library!

by Larry Andrews, VP, upstate Alternative Energy 06/06/2018

great way to expand your knowledgebase!

by Keith K 05/08/2018

by Rowan Grebeck, Associate Engineer, Redhawk Energy Systems 05/07/2018

This course is full of great material for solar professionals.

by Wilner Timolien, Solar PV Systems Engineer 01/29/2018

Great Course with instructors working in the field

by Andre N 04/23/2017

by Dilli Neupane, Director, Alpha Engineering Technologies 02/27/2017

I have learned a lot from this course esp. got introduced with a lot of very useful tools and resources that I can use for many projects I design.

by Lawrence (Matt) B 01/05/2017

by Luganus Daniel, Technician Engineer, Jamaica Public Service Company 05/31/2016

This is an excellent course and I would recommend it to anyone who's serious about the solar energy industry.

by Kyle Ingraham, Solar Projects Lead, Compass Solar 01/18/2016

This course is excellent for sharpening your skills in solar PV design and for filling in knowledge gaps.

by Carlos Andres Barros Knebel, Project manager/CFO, GreentechPanama 11/26/2015

I enjoyed the course and made me become more interested in this matter

by Robert C 11/05/2023

by Chris H 10/16/2023

by Peter L 09/16/2023

by Asa P 09/15/2023

by Casey S 07/21/2023

by Clint M 07/03/2023

by Joel A 05/28/2023

by Gailan W 05/17/2023

by Nicholas H 05/04/2023

by Edward C 01/20/2023

by Peter H 12/05/2022

by Lucas M 08/19/2022

by Candace D 04/25/2022

by Peter R 04/12/2022

by Ross C 04/06/2022

by Alex M 03/27/2022

by Brennan D 03/14/2022

by MOAMIN H. A. A 01/23/2022

by Blake J 01/14/2022

by TJ K 12/17/2021

by Raymond S 12/13/2021

by Chirag P 12/13/2021

by Todd H 12/06/2021

by Steve M 11/29/2021

by Patrick F 08/02/2021

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