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by Rachel R 02/02/2023

by Christopher J 12/28/2022

by Bassem K 10/29/2022

by Joshua R 06/30/2022

by shayne w 01/27/2022

by Yogi Y 11/19/2021

by Paul M 02/07/2021

by Mark W. D 01/30/2021

by Maya A 01/15/2021

by samuel p 01/08/2021

by Ahmed O 11/27/2020

by Ayodeji Oladeji, Head, Business and Operations, CovenantPlus Engineering Ltd 10/23/2020


by Javier Baella 10/19/2020

Very illustrative preview of the full course, that shows the instructors both know what they are talking about, and have experience doing alternative energy projects.

by Ibrahim A 10/01/2020

by Robert P 09/02/2020

by Jonathan Mendez 07/16/2020

This course is a must see if you want to start a solar business.

by Logappa Nithyanandan 07/09/2020

"The course was an absolute delight. The guest speakers were terrific. I also learned a lot about commercial Solar Financing options available"in the market.

by Supriya R 05/05/2020

by Prashanth D 05/01/2020

Now i got clear cut picture in this platform

by Danish A 04/26/2020

by Dr Premkumar Krishnamoorthi 04/26/2020

Knowledge sharing and useful to the students who opted finance domain as elective through HeatSpring online course. Well Done

by Dr.P. Ganapathi 04/26/2020


by Prashanti R 04/25/2020

by Mugesh Kannan.G 04/10/2020


by Kofi Osei-Adjei, Pv Solar engineer, Tomcal Ventures 04/01/2020

Having gone through this course,l've learnt two important things. Not only Attracting the investor interest but the communication during the proposed project period.

by Mrudul M 03/29/2020

by Zoheb Aslam, Manager, Ningbo green light Energy Pvt Ltd 01/27/2020

want more courses

by Joel Nzima 01/21/2020


by Jorge G 01/07/2020

by Jason K 11/10/2019

by Sam Hill, Solar Project Developer, TMI Energy Solutions 10/14/2019

I've been working in residential solar for about 5 years and HeatSpring is a great way for me to start learning about the commercial side of the industry as I look to transition into larger projects.

by Aldrich Reuel Raj R 09/16/2019

by Anthony R 09/03/2019

by Bruce H. Taylor, CEO | Founder , Twin Connection Technology, LLC. 08/12/2019

This Course is a very effective tool for a beginner EPC.

by Matthew Mark 07/03/2019

It was a good introduction to both financing and the non profit financing sector. It showed a great variety of audience based questions and answers.

by Siddharth T 06/09/2019

by Chukwuemeka O 06/07/2019

by abdalla mahmoud, installation engineer, eastwatt 04/23/2019

i our country , solar business is getting much active than ever due to the raise of electricity bills, we have started this business few years ago , we are doing well those days . be have found that financing the subject the right way is a must , specially we got an agressive turnamentents

by Isabella S 04/16/2019

by arthur m 02/17/2019

by Joon C 01/12/2019

by James S 01/09/2019

by Peter B 12/17/2018

by Justin Renken, Associate Developer, Geronimo Energy 11/20/2018


by syed abdul haq s 10/04/2018


by Jordan H 09/07/2018

by Deepak B 08/06/2018

by Todd H 07/08/2018

by M L 06/14/2018

by Thomas M 05/14/2018