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by CHRIS KOKARAS 05/25/2021

You must watch it!

by Ron Holland 03/24/2021

I took the course in 2021, so the presentation is about six years old. But I found it current, interesting, and most helpful. The presenter has extensive experience and knowledge in the subject and is an excellent teacher.

by Milind Aghav 05/14/2020

Yes , really enjoyed the course.

by Kalidass D 04/25/2020

Yes i really enjoyed this course because it's focused on the low temperature hydronic system



by Joe Bussichella 08/20/2019

This one hr course was very informative and provided great insight and some novel ideas for unique heating design solutions (low cost radiant ceiling and wall construction). Also the information on fan based low panel radiators was informative.

by Ian Williamson 06/08/2019

This is a must watch introduction to the full course and should be essential viewing for all "experts" in the industry.

by Ivan Wishlow 02/20/2019

This course explains the need for alternate hydronic options aside from slab heat. It gives designers and contractors alike a better understanding and a basic knowledge base to help the end user get the best heating system for the application.

by navid bagheri 01/14/2019

Very professional lecturer and very good content

by Fahd Elhaissoufi 08/11/2018

I certify that the composition is good and I enjoyed it well in a number of different subjects and thank all for this effort

by elavarasi kovalan 08/02/2018


by Erin Deibert 07/03/2018

This course was very up to date and applicable to designers working in today's hydronics.

by Vicente Brito 05/24/2018

Good course, easy to understand

by Vladei Kamensky, Facilities Manager, Archdiocese of Seattle 03/18/2018

Basics on heat emitters that every designer/installer must know.

by Andy McGhee, Service Plumbing & Heating Technician 03/02/2018

This is learning at its best from the mouth of industry leaders to your brain!

by Gary M 02/12/2018

by Jen Severidt, Energy Consultant, VEIC 07/18/2017

This course gives a great overview of the type of low temperature heat emitters currently available on the market and offers some concrete calculations that can help determine what would work best in each situation.

by John Buckley 06/13/2017

Great review of current options for lowT heat emitters. Well conveyed by the lecturer.

by Dominic RIemma 02/13/2017

Must take course for design of condensing technology using advance emitters

by rick m 12/08/2016

by Noah Cross 07/05/2016


by Kent Weldy, Founder, waytogosolar dot com at Eclectic, dba Eclectic Enterprise LLC 03/25/2016

It was a first pick of a heatspring class, and I have a lot to do to develop my own skills in solar and hydronic and develop a business, but it was enough to know that I will block out time to continue with other segway, and go on for the masters levels. -I hope they are fully on-line, self paced, and give detailed analysis step by step as well as help me be prepared in how to capture & manage site data, and develop a smart system that will achieve good customer results every time- at every single custom design site! Thanks! Also, will be ordering all the authors books and media and help software~!

by Bojan A 10/16/2023

by Charles S 11/07/2022

by riq q 07/20/2022

by Daniel N 06/08/2022

by D S 04/07/2022

by Thomas M 03/28/2022

by Robert B 01/21/2022

by Angelo M 11/27/2021

by Mindaugas P 10/02/2021

by Matthew I 08/06/2021

by Dana B 05/18/2021

by Jon A 05/04/2021

by P O 03/01/2021

by Eric M 02/15/2021

by Ethan M 02/13/2021

by samuel p 01/14/2021

by Andrew G 11/13/2020

by Stardust A 11/01/2020

by Ryan K 06/20/2020

by Shaun J 06/02/2020

by Justin P 04/26/2020

by Kevin G 02/14/2020

by Daniel O 01/23/2020

by Charles L 12/30/2019

by Ben D 08/21/2019

by Jeff E 04/20/2019

by Eric K 03/31/2019

by Rick L 02/24/2019

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