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by Jonathan T 03/24/2022

by Dr Preetha Jagannathan 04/12/2020


by kevin krupa 03/19/2020

A must see!

by Ashley Kucko 03/18/2020

This course has much information about incorporating the natural world into our building design.

by Susana Neto 12/30/2019

Would recommend this course to people that are interested in the holistic approach to living close to nature.

by Lynn Lindgren-Schreuder, Construction Project Manager, Housing Development Center 09/28/2019

Careful analysis of the benefit straightforward integration of nature impacts building occupants,

by Joel Nzima 04/05/2019


by Erin S 11/29/2017

by ohmer weeks 11/12/2017

well the whole concept of getting back too our roots, back too the natural things, rhythm's and cycles is really where I have always been so this course just reinforced all my ideologies so too speak

by Jessica M 10/27/2017

by thanooe paul 10/04/2017

its excellent

by Fadel Khattab 01/21/2017


by Peter Pichler, Senior Consultant, Gaia Africa Limitada 09/18/2016

I can anyone interested in natur and built environment recommend this course, it will add new ways of understanding the importance of all elements, water, sun etc. in your design.

by Patricio Cardenas 03/18/2016

I learned so much about it

by Miguel Angel Holguin Monta├▒o 02/08/2016

This is a good course, I can learn about the sustainability designs

by Paulo Pascotto, Owner, Susplan Gerenciamento e Projetos Sustentáveis 09/14/2015

I enjoyed it very much.

by Benjamin S 12/17/2022

by Maria C 11/13/2022

by Alexander W 11/12/2022

by CHRISTOPHER M 11/04/2022

by Peter R 10/28/2022

by Addie H 10/28/2022

by Matthew M 10/27/2022

by Ali K 08/29/2022

by Joshua R 07/03/2022

by Victoria H 06/28/2022

by Samuel H 03/25/2022

by brenna p 03/21/2022

by Ernie V 03/21/2022

by Austin M 03/19/2022

by Samuel B 03/19/2022

by Evan S 03/18/2022

by Casey W 03/12/2022

by Andrea H 03/11/2022

by amanda c 03/04/2022

by Matthew I 08/12/2021

by Amanda C 05/09/2021

by bryce m 04/26/2021

by Jamie E 04/14/2021

by Eriny M 04/14/2021

by Faith T 04/12/2021

by Marlowe S 04/11/2021

by Benvinda D 04/02/2021

by Corrin C 03/30/2021

by Corey S 03/01/2021

by Mark N 02/18/2021

by Mark R 02/15/2021

by ROBERT M 08/09/2020

by Ryan K 07/01/2020

by Anthony T 06/12/2020