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by Sadik Shaikh, Solar.O&M technician, Kalpa power limited 02/15/2021


by Saravanan S 04/10/2020

The course is very much useful

by John Work, Designer, Santa Cruz Green Builders 10/30/2019

A great overview of practical solutions for solar thermal energy storage. Very objective and pragmatic approach to the topic.

by Joel Dass 10/23/2019

Good enjoyed



by Carlos Calzada, Director, SEDEA S.A. 04/02/2019

Recommended for people interested in the subject, as an introduction is quite complete.

by Joel Nzima 03/15/2019

it is need more time to be set and understand it is worthy it

by Aishwarya Gunjawate 03/14/2019

Great explanation with illustrative example

by Del Isabelle 11/12/2018

great course

by Kanimozhi K 09/09/2018

by sumitha m 08/02/2018


by Chitrakala M 08/02/2018


by kavitha lakshmi 08/02/2018


by RAKESH KANNAN 08/02/2018


by MUNISH KANNA S 07/31/2018

realy enjoyed the course

by ASAN MOHAMED REFAI. D 07/30/2018

Yes of course

by Manoj Kumar 07/29/2018


by jassem r 06/20/2018

by syed abdul haq s 05/03/2018


by Andrew S 03/28/2018


yes, i enjoyed and learned more

by Ronald Lazore 10/24/2017

Very informative and excellent graphs and instruction

by Jerry Wiles 09/05/2017


by VIJAY GUNGE 08/11/2017


by DHAVAL N 08/02/2017

by Randall √Āvalos 08/01/2017

Excelent course to get involved with the different options of combisystems.

by Kjell Liem, owner, Saltspring Solar 07/03/2017

I thought that this was a great intro to the subject.

by JAY PATEL 06/02/2017

good course to get knowledge of hydro tonic system

by John Fregosi 04/22/2017

If you're new to solar thermal systems like I am, this is a short and easy way to get some perspective on how systems work and how parameters change due to climate and applications.

by MADHUMITHA T 03/12/2017

by Hakeem Niyas, Faculty, Energy Institute 09/23/2016

Clear technical explanations

by R Scott Lord, Director of Business Development, www.SolVana.biz 05/19/2016

As someone new in the Renewable Energy field, I found Vaughn's presentation excellent and informative. His explanation of four storage strategies was very valuable!

by Amar Nath Dubey, Sr. Assistant Professor, Medi-Caps Institute of Technology & Management 05/02/2016


by Patrick Goould 04/20/2016

just starting in on solar no thanks.

by Kent Weldy, Founder, waytogosolar dot com at Eclectic, dba Eclectic Enterprise LLC 03/31/2016

The training will help anyone trying to deal with the complexities of solar business planning. Its a great task to find intereted customers that have not been spurned by myths and previous failures, while trying to distill the education, certifications, manufactured components available, and develop a sound level of competence in all the technologies required to implement and integrate a well designed custom installed system. This course hits spot on with the technologies on which my company is focused. Solar thermal efficiency coupled with storage and hydronic heating is very smart. Kent Weldy waytogosolar.com, Eclectic Enterprise LLC -Founder

by Jeffrey Delgado 03/19/2016

All are encouraged to take this course.

by manoj kumar 03/18/2016


by Jamison Corallo, President Owner, Viking Solar Inc 11/14/2015

Great starter for someone getting interested in this area

by Anthony R 05/23/2022

by Joshua S 03/12/2022

by Michael T 01/16/2022

by Achref K 01/07/2022

by Daniel O 08/01/2020

by Darlene H 07/21/2020

by D B 05/17/2020

by manmohan y 05/04/2020

by Milind A 05/02/2020

by Nikita J 05/01/2020

by Hoyt O 04/29/2020

by Aditya S 04/21/2020