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About this course

This course is one of four free courses included in the Inflation Reduction Act: Solar Provisions Explained Series by CollectiveSun.

The Inflation Reduction Act introduces a new tax incentive called the Domestic Content ITC Bonus Adder. This 10% bonus adder is meant to encourage and stimulate domestic manufacturing. However, the recently released Treasury guidance has created a set of rules that make it extremely difficult to qualify for and claim the bonus adder.

In this 60-minute session, we’ll review the detailed qualification requirements and explore a theoretical scenario where a project could actually qualify for this bonus adder even given today’s limited availability of domestically produced components.

This webinar originally aired on August 17th, 2023

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Course outline

2 modules • 13 assignments • 56 minutes of video lectures

Module 1 • 11 assignments
IRA Provisions: Domestic Content Adder

  • Disclaimer
  • Introduction to CollectiveSun and Speakers (07:16 minutes)
  • Applicable Project Components (08:35 minutes)
  • Does My Project Qualify? (03:28 minutes)
  • Let's Have a Solar Party - An Example (07:55 minutes)
  • Let's Look at a Solar Project - An Example (07:20 minutes)
  • Tax Filing Obligations and Solutions (08:54 minutes)
  • Q&A with Lee and Nicole (12:46 minutes)
  • Slide Deck (.pdf)
  • Google Sheet Tool: Domestic Cost Percentage Calculator
  • Q&A Transcript from Live Webinar (.pdf)


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