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by Scott Schmidt, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Dandelion Enegy 09/20/2022

This course provides a nice full picture of the geothermal project from conception to commissioning. A great primer for getting to know the industry.

by MICHAEL AUSTIN 02/09/2020

Great class with a lot of info and great products

by Momchil Radev, CEO, THE RIGHT GUYS PLUMBING 03/03/2018

I was interested to learn something new and interesting. The online class gave me that opportunity at my own place and available time to study . I would highly recommend it!

by Steve Cooper, President, Lake Country Geothermal, Inc. 04/18/2017

I had designed and installed a couple of trenched GHEX and GSHP residential systems prior to this course which helped to make on-line instruction much more relevant. With the exception of a little too much on vertical boring (which is not so relevant in my market), the content was on the mark... and well organized and thorough. Ryan's lecture style and responsiveness to questions were excellent, more than making up for any inherent shortcomings from not being face-to-face. The takeaways for my business will be better methods and processes which will enhance the quality delivered to my clients and the productivity of my operation.

by sean taylor 03/02/2017

very helpful and instructional coarse

by Yuanyuan Wu, Technical Specialist, YAZAKI 09/05/2016

It is really very helpful and bring up knowledge level very efficiently.

by Brian Fairhurst, Consultant, Brian Fairhurst 10/16/2015

Excellent course that I would recommend personnel entering into the geothermal industry to take . The manuals are very informative and backup from the instructor was excellent .

by Matthew O'Reilly, Junior Project Engineer, Coneco Engineers & Scientists 09/02/2015

I enjoyed this course quite a bit. It was very informative and gave me a great understanding of exactly how geothermal works and all of the components that go into designing and installing a system!

by Aeowyn K 11/13/2023

by Andrew C 10/15/2023

by Chris W 06/13/2023

by Rafal P 06/05/2023

by Matt A 04/04/2023

by Kenneth F 11/22/2022

by Scott M 11/18/2022

by Nicholas P 06/03/2022

by Alphonsus C 03/02/2022

by Wes F 01/31/2022

by Anthony N 01/20/2022

by Elizabeth M 09/15/2021

by ANDREAS K 08/23/2021

by Jeff C 06/03/2021

by John B 08/18/2017

by MATT K 06/29/2017

by Samuel D 09/20/2016

by Andres L 09/13/2016

by nathan h 03/11/2016

by Steffan J 02/16/2016

by Jeremy W 01/01/2016

by Chad E 08/11/2015

by Bryan O 07/29/2015

by Jeff B 07/29/2015

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