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by Thomas t 02/14/2023

by hamza A 02/12/2023

by Matthew Briggs 11/05/2022

This is worth taking the time to learn.

by Fakher M 09/29/2022

by Lamey F 04/23/2022

by Rodney S 02/03/2022

by Zaid S 01/16/2022

by Matthew I 08/20/2021

by daniel l 12/18/2020

by AYODEJI SAMUEL BINUYO, student, obafemi awolowo university 06/25/2020

I have learnt a lot of great thing about Hydronics and Biomass combustion.

by GULSHAN PATHAK 06/14/2020


by Augastin Santhiyagu 06/04/2020


by Abhijeet Balasaheb K 05/15/2020

by Antonio Watters 05/07/2020

its great if you plan on going into that field of study I would definitely recommend this course especially if you like things explained in great detail

by Dr.Siva Ramkumar Mathiyalagan, Assistant Professor, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education 05/03/2020

All regsiter

by manmohan y 05/01/2020

by AMIT S 04/27/2020

by Vishnu N 04/21/2020

by Kalidass D 04/18/2020

Yes I really enjoyed the course it will help to understand the process of hydronics high efficiency biomass boilers

by Brahmanand B 04/15/2020

by David A 04/14/2020

by MD IRFAN A 04/13/2020

by Kofi Osei-Adjei, Pv Solar engineer, Tomcal Ventures 04/02/2020

Wow, not easy going through the course quiz, after 3 attempts ,I'm glad I made the pass grades finally.

by josh sebo 03/28/2020

Hard test. But it will be worth it

by Gajalakshmi B 02/19/2020

by Frederick A., Jr. N 01/13/2020

by Michael Tuper 01/12/2020

The class was very informative and it will significantly help with my career. The class is also a great start to jumping into the RHNY program.

by dennis pednault, Principal Engineer, Next Grid Markets 11/05/2019

Hard to beat course for designing a heating system with biomass gasification or pellet boilers

by Richard Dzubay 10/27/2019


by Kannika J 10/23/2019


by Brian Hart, Plant Utility Engineer 1, Nys doccs 10/01/2019

Take your time as I did and compute it all, go back and listen to module s again if need be.

by Daniel H 09/24/2019

by James Meehan, JR3 Home Performance 12/24/2018

Good overview of the operational aspects that need attention when planning a bio-fuel based heating system using hydronics. A background understanding in hydronics is recommended before attempting the course. I'd say this course achieved exactly what was intended.

by mike d 11/12/2018

by Nick H 05/09/2017

by Daniel Kandefer, VP, kandefer plumbing & heating 06/30/2016

great & practical

by Charles W 03/01/2016

by Michael Newtown, P.E., Associate Professor, SUNY Canton 02/16/2016

John Siegenthaler is very well versed in hydronic heating systems. I learned material that was new to me and never felt that I should have known the material. I would take another course from John.

by Robert Fiorini, Project Manager, Evoworld 10/05/2015

John is an excellent speaker and presenter and represents the finest of those driving the hydronics community forward.

by Jeremy C 09/14/2015

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