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by Mamadou Faye 07/15/2023

i find this course simple and very interresting

by Asiru Azeez 07/14/2023

The given examples are self explanatory for beginners and good memory refreshers for pros. Very interesting session

by أندرويد Andriod 07/10/2023


by AbdulWahid AlHarazi 04/13/2023

Content rich in science and knowledge. I advise all those interested in the hybrid solar system to join the cycle

by Messiah Ameh 03/09/2023

This course was very impactful and I enjoyed every bit of it so much that I had to pause and also go back while watching the videos. The calculation examples made the course more engaging and easier for a beginner to determine the required number of PV modules, Batteries in a battery bank and also list components of a hybrid PV system. I will recommend this course over and over to anyone who wants to understand the basics of a PV system.

by Abdulrahman Fedda 12/12/2022

very simple, clear and basic

by Ibrahim Emmanuel Wali, Engineer , Living safe Nigeria limited 10/01/2022

I was able to design and install an hybrid inverter - generator system

by Jutomue Brown 08/28/2022

Honestly, I really appreciate this course because it give me more knowledge on my research topic

by Okwudirichukwu Okoh 08/02/2022

This is a good beginner's course for student, graduate engineers and anyone who is interested in Solar PV system design.

by matthew olanrewaju 05/10/2022

A concise and very explicit delivery on HYBRID PV-DIESEL ENERGY SYSTEMS PLANNING

by ASHAFAK KHAN 04/03/2022

Very nice

by Ahmed Tijani, Project Manager- Renewable Energy, Sterling Bank Plc 07/01/2020

I came to this platform with minimal knowledge of designing solar home solutions. After this course, I believe I can now size basic solar solutions. Thank you for the impact Heatspring.

by SUKMA P 05/06/2020

by A MARY BEULA 04/15/2020

For beginners it is really an eyeopening topic.

by Kalidass D 04/14/2020

Yes i really enjoyed and learned about hybrid PV and diesel generator energy systems

by Mohd Zaheeruddin 04/13/2020

This is the Good course to start the PV system

by Nagarajan Chinnadurai 04/11/2020


by Dr.Siva Ramkumar Mathiyalagan, Assistant Professor, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education 04/10/2020

Good. all can register

by Herbert Lubis 04/09/2020


by Kofi Osei-Adjei, Pv Solar engineer, Tomcal Ventures 04/04/2020

Brilliant presentions, making the learning process easier.

by Michael Cubic 03/30/2020

great into into off-grid systems

by Dustin hollinger 03/15/2020

This class is great for a novice just like me. The video lectures were short, simple and effective.

by Trevor W 03/11/2020

by kehinde o 02/21/2020

by Zainab Alli 02/21/2020

A wonderful and educative course to partake in

by Chisom Nnaemeka Emenyonu 02/17/2020

Brief, but powerful information. Straight to the point and improves your knowledge definitively.

by Henry Ejinwa 12/02/2019

This course was really helpful as a refresher, and as well a good one for a newbie.

by Chinwekele Izuzu 10/30/2019

It was very enlightening and educating.

by Oluwole Akindoyin 10/09/2019

PV Energy system is explained in a very simple manner, easy to be understood by some who has no prior experience in solar systems.

by IFEANYI IKEDINICHI, Mr 10/03/2019

I never thought I could get so much information on heat spring, not until I took the courses diligently and I must say it was very Educative, Informative and Knowledgeable.

by MUHAMMAD ARSHAD 09/07/2019

yes enejoyed

by Abigail Agboola 08/26/2019

Wao, the course is very interesting, with this I proceed to conclude on the design of 200kWp which i am working on presently.



by Pius Nyaga 08/19/2019

Basics very well explained.

by Aldrian Nachor 08/14/2019

The online course is very informative; Well thought and summarized well. Kudos to the instructor!

by Bindu Sree G 07/29/2019

by Daniel Somtochukwu Emencheta 07/18/2019

The teaching are very clear and easy to understand and practice,it's good

by Tarek Alsharif 07/12/2019

It's wonderful course with updated information that everyone should know about it

by Essohouna Kadanga 07/12/2019

This lecture allows me to make an excel sheet on how to size an hybrid pv-generator system that I can use easily. Also I'll share this knowledge with others students.

by Arun Jyoti 07/11/2019

It’s an extremely deep and interesting topic.

by Clifford Okoro 06/21/2019

It makes understand design and sizing of inverters, batteries capacity and generator capacity to handle load profiles

by Sujatha M 06/14/2019

by mahmoud fekry 06/11/2019


by YASHVANTH U 06/07/2019

by Bahaa Hassan 05/16/2019

To the new students these courses are very useful and very enjoyable and I advise you to follow them and pay attention to them


Of course... Yes...

by Ian McCluskey, Outback Power 05/11/2019

Looking for a more challenging portable generator + PV course

by Olubode Adeniyi 05/08/2019

Taking this course was really nice, as it has helped improved my knowledge on Solar PV systems, i'll advice anyone to sign up for this course and enrich themselves. Thanks.

by Mustapha Mogaji 04/22/2019

This is a great course for a starter and it helps to widen knowledge on hybridization of grid-solar systems

by hosam ashmawy 04/06/2019


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