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by Alice D 08/31/2017

by Carl Burns, Architect, Carl Burns Architect 08/29/2017

The course is terrific. Marc Rosenbaum brings great energy, affection and experience to the subject. He combines a focus on fundamental physics and materials and methods concerns. The exercises and reading are interesting and helpful. - C. Burns 8/29/17

by markco y 08/21/2017

by John W 08/13/2017

by Bireshwar G 08/08/2017

by Gilbert West 08/05/2017

Great short course that helps you figure out the impact of battery storage on your grid consumption

by Gustavo Pacheco 07/26/2017

This was interesting for me to reinforce some concepts I thought I was forgetting

by Sabatha M 07/25/2017

by Christian Bittencourt 07/21/2017

It is worth going over this so you can grasp a different way of looking at things.

by SOUMENDRA MISRA 07/06/2017

good for basic understanding

by Brandon H 06/25/2017

by GREGORY W 06/24/2017

by Deep S 06/14/2017

by Wayne A 06/08/2017

by Brennan R 06/06/2017

by Devin G 06/05/2017

by Bart Z 06/04/2017

by Yousef Al-Shawesh 05/31/2017

Unlocked my misunderstanding of PV Energy Usage and Storage.

by Liam B 05/31/2017

by William W 05/30/2017

by Ian W 05/16/2017

by Kelly O'Connell, Project Engineer, ERS 05/05/2017

I really enjoyed this course! It is a great introduction to building science and residential construction techniques, with the focus being on energy reduction and savings. Marc speaks clearly and doesn't not delve too deeply into technical details or calculations, which allows for a well-established understanding of the topics at a high level.

by Sydney L 05/01/2017

by Michael W 05/01/2017

by Daniel Choi, Independent Sales Consultant, Solar Powur 04/29/2017


by leon s 04/29/2017

by Christopher J 04/14/2017

by Stephen C 04/11/2017

by Eward V 04/01/2017

by Alwyn J 03/31/2017

by Michele B 03/26/2017

by Hari Singh, Project Engineer, Enzen Global Solutions Pvt Ltd 03/17/2017


by Lucas M 03/17/2017

by MADHUMITHA T 03/12/2017

by Colletti C 03/07/2017

by Craig V 03/03/2017

by Ayush Sood 02/19/2017

This course is very helpful for future generation technology like net metering concept and its calculations and readings that can explain in more detail.

by Prachi Ware 02/19/2017

it is helpul and improving the basic concept

by shaik Fairoz 02/14/2017


by Andy Kerr 02/12/2017

Rosenbaum models how to use battery storage to make a dwelling true every-day net zero energy (the grid is unnecessary), rather than net-zero on an annual basis. While batteries can help reduce the demand for grid-electricity during the winter when the sun shines least and heat is most needed, it's rapidly diminishing returns after a certain point. Back to reducing the heat load in the first place.

by Mark Schmid 02/08/2017

Good education is hard to get for little or no cost. Take advantage of it.

by Kevin M 02/07/2017

by Timothy K 02/07/2017

by Cornelius G 02/05/2017

by Robert 'Luke' G 02/02/2017

by Casey R 02/01/2017

by William S 01/31/2017

by Saeed M 01/26/2017

by Fadel Khattab 01/21/2017

Useful for my work

by Sumant S 01/20/2017

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