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by SOHAIL AHMED 10/01/2018

excellent course

by thomas c 09/24/2018

by Archie G 08/26/2018

by sumitha m 08/02/2018


by Chitrakala M 08/02/2018


by kavitha lakshmi 08/02/2018


by RAKESH KANNAN 08/02/2018


by Neha P 07/31/2018

by Bill M 07/30/2018

by Steven S 07/30/2018

by Gary B 07/30/2018

by kathirvel r 07/16/2018


by Mark H 07/14/2018

by Urvesh Patel, Mr., Ahmedabad institute of technology 05/29/2018

yes i really enjoy the course contain and it really help to design system depend upon the weather condition and load management .

by Douglas F 05/25/2018

by michael champagne, Mr. 05/02/2018

much to get out of marc's course on deep energy retrofit. looking forward to applying the knowledge to add one more der home.

by Imre S 04/26/2018

by Gowthamsankaran S 04/17/2018

by Sean Buckley, Owner, Harvest Sun Solar 04/05/2018

Nice applied science and research. Possibly non-practical thinking into the future, except that everything about solar ends up in the future and very soon and continuously… Ergo, maybe this is as practical as anything…

by Gary Friend, Owner, Friends Home conservation Service LLC 04/04/2018

This course will help in everyday analysis of building envelopes when it comes to new construction and in retro work. I believe it clears up or verifies preconception of how a structure leaks and retains heat. Specific attention is always on health and safety and moisture cause and effect.

by Ryan S 04/02/2018

by Khemraz R 03/31/2018

by Pearson H 03/13/2018

by Allona F 03/08/2018

by Alex K 03/05/2018

by Perlito Rillorta 03/05/2018

These course adds up to my knowledge about energy

by Hafiz Zafar Sharif 02/18/2018

well explained material to think beyond Net Metering.

by Richard Dzubay 02/13/2018


by Arend K 02/11/2018

by Marc S 01/31/2018

by Ramesh Budarapu 01/31/2018

Don't wait, just take it

by Joseph Williamson 01/18/2018

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It is very helpful to find different ways to improve energy efficiency, especially when you work in the industry. I was engaged throughout the course and finished within a short time.

by Andrew S 01/12/2018



by Mrutyunjay das 12/26/2017

go through this course to obtain some basic fundamental and practical knowledge to become a PV professional.

by Craig D 12/17/2017

by Don L 12/12/2017

by ohmer weeks 12/04/2017

peter presents his information succinctly and graphically, and explained exactly what the difference is between what you would call zero net energy, and actual zero energy, frankly I had no idea before I thought they were the same

by Lisa D 11/28/2017

by Paul L. Eck 11/28/2017

Good way to think about sizing p-v, storage and the importance of keeping seasonal loads to a minimum. Great comments about thermal solar and storage to use a hybrid approach to reach net-zero are included.

by Palpandian M 11/26/2017


by Dinesh Kannor, Manager (Technology) 11/25/2017


by Mathew S 11/20/2017

by mohammad al hemide 10/15/2017

it is helpful

by Zachary T 10/13/2017

by Tom D 10/11/2017

by Sunny N 09/25/2017

by Ignacio R 09/18/2017

by Jay C 09/14/2017

by Aaron L 09/14/2017

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