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by Mayavel N 04/17/2020

Very easy

by Neelakrishnan G 04/16/2020

by Jalloh I 04/16/2020

by Jason B 04/15/2020

by Karthikeyan V 04/15/2020

by Vijayaraghavan M 04/14/2020

by Kathirvel C 04/14/2020

by daniel H 04/13/2020

by vamshi m 04/13/2020

by David Fisher 04/13/2020

This short training points us in the right direction and shows where we need to focus in order to achieve real net zero homes.

by Caleb M 04/13/2020

by MD IRFAN A 04/13/2020

by Nazir S 04/13/2020

by Menakapriya M, Professor, Muthayammal Engineering College 04/10/2020

Easy to understand by anyone

by Anna Malai 04/10/2020

Very Useful Course

by Herbert Lubis 04/09/2020

very powerful for pv and storage modelling

by Mohd Z 04/08/2020

by charmaine k 04/07/2020

by Asad Amin 04/05/2020

i love it

by abdalla mahmoud, installation engineer, eastwatt 04/01/2020

i tell is to start the right way you have to make sure you have got all your information from a reliable place .

by John O 03/24/2020

by Varun B 03/15/2020

by Scott P 03/09/2020

by Trevor W 02/27/2020

by Andrew A 02/23/2020

by Ray Antonelli, President, Focused Resources, Inc. 02/22/2020

A good basic course to give the novice an understanding of PV plus storage.

by Matthew Alschuler, President, Cotton Expressions, Ltd 02/07/2020

Well researched and presented statement on why PV systems should include at least some storage to reduce dependence on the grid.

by Mohammad Arifin S 02/07/2020

by Syafirul Ariff S 01/28/2020

by Jon J 01/26/2020

by Greg Kallio, Professor, California State University, Chico 01/11/2020

This short lecture course is clearly presented, has godd examples, and presents a thought-provoking conclusion regarding a zero energy-use house.

by Andrew G 01/07/2020

by Noah D 01/07/2020

by Ravi S 12/24/2019

by Donovan Netherland, Managing Member, Tread Light Construction 12/22/2019

If you would like to thoroughly understand and internalize the process and knowledge required to tackle the complexities of creating Deep Energy Retrofits, take this course! Marc knows his stuff!

by Matt B 12/10/2019

by Tim W 12/09/2019

by Manikandan jayachandran 11/18/2019

not really

by Shuvam S 11/08/2019

by Scott Mills 11/05/2019

Any one that is looking to expand into solar will next generation information that they can use today.

by ERICA W 11/01/2019


It is good introductory course to make your concept clear on Battery Storage.

by David D 10/27/2019

by Eric T 10/24/2019

by Kannika J 10/23/2019


by Joel Dass 10/23/2019


by Caryn T 10/17/2019

by Abdelrahman A 10/08/2019

by Clay N 10/01/2019

by Nina S 09/30/2019

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