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by Jason C 05/05/2020

by Wayne G C 05/04/2020

by David B 05/04/2020

by JOYDEEP S 05/03/2020

by doug l 05/01/2020

by Mike Adams 05/01/2020

Excellent discussion of effect of adding battery storage to a PV system.

by Dr N Suthanthira Vanitha 05/01/2020

Add quizes

by Nikita J 05/01/2020

by Nath Guyot 05/01/2020

If you want to have a practical know how or experiential perspective about the solar industry then this is for you.

by Anda T 04/30/2020

by Anand S 04/30/2020

by KARTHIGA R 04/27/2020

by Brandon E 04/26/2020

by Krishan Kumar S 04/26/2020

by Robert M 04/25/2020

by aaron s 04/24/2020

by Dr.Siva Ramkumar Mathiyalagan, Assistant Professor, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education 04/24/2020

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by Supriya S 04/24/2020

by William Bates 04/23/2020


by Challa Sairam R 04/22/2020

by Kiran P 04/21/2020

by Zuhair A 04/21/2020

by Rakesh Kumar Meena 04/20/2020


by Mayank D 04/18/2020

by rathnavel A 04/18/2020


by Mayavel N 04/17/2020

Very easy

by Neelakrishnan G 04/16/2020

by Jalloh I 04/16/2020

by Jason B 04/15/2020

by Karthikeyan V 04/15/2020

by Vijayaraghavan M 04/14/2020

by Kathirvel C 04/14/2020

by daniel H 04/13/2020

by vamshi m 04/13/2020

by David Fisher 04/13/2020

This short training points us in the right direction and shows where we need to focus in order to achieve real net zero homes.

by Caleb M 04/13/2020

by MD IRFAN A 04/13/2020

by Nazir S 04/13/2020

by Menakapriya M, Professor, Muthayammal Engineering College 04/10/2020

Easy to understand by anyone

by Anna Malai 04/10/2020

Very Useful Course

by Herbert Lubis 04/09/2020

very powerful for pv and storage modelling

by Mohd Z 04/08/2020

by charmaine k 04/07/2020

by Asad Amin 04/05/2020

i love it

by abdalla mahmoud, installation engineer, eastwatt 04/01/2020

i tell is to start the right way you have to make sure you have got all your information from a reliable place .

by John O 03/24/2020

by Varun B 03/15/2020

by Scott P 03/09/2020

by Trevor W 02/27/2020

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