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by hosam a 06/27/2021

by Bill Wagner, Independent Consultant, Wagner Labs 06/21/2021

Great explanation of total system production capability (PV + Storage) and the challenges of load variation especially as it relates to heat (and cooling).

by Marcelo N 06/11/2021

by James M 06/11/2021

by Chris R 05/31/2021

by Dana B 05/29/2021

by habiburahman qaderi 05/28/2021

Actually this course was very great for me coz I am student of renewable energy, so this course was very important for me I really need this course PDF.

by Derek D 05/26/2021

by Chris J 05/24/2021

by Mason Browne 05/24/2021

Excellent way to learn about designing zero net-energy buildings and how to avoid construction mistakes.

by Kevin T 05/23/2021

by Kate Stevens, Contexts: architecture, teaching, translating 05/21/2021

Great course that teaches you how to see both the forest and the trees. It equips you with an understanding of the general building science principles and the ability to locate/interpret/use specific technical resources for real world application.

by alfredo palattao, engineer, commonwealth utilities corporation 05/13/2021

Very informative

by RJ C 05/09/2021

by Judson Brown, Mechanical Engineer, PE, Sandridge Partners, Energy Engineering 05/04/2021

I liked the spreadsheet model you developed based on your experience with PV generation in your own experience in the homes you have lived in and designed. Really powerful feedback from your own experience to development of better systems for houses.

by Jose H 05/03/2021

by Samuel T 05/01/2021

by Harry H 04/19/2021

by IBRAHIM B 03/26/2021

by monaem elmnifi 03/26/2021


by Winston Davis, President, Yeini Construction 03/26/2021

I highly recommend this course. Very useful in helping with how to save energy and become self reliant on

by Karen Curtis 03/25/2021

I really like this class coming from a level that PV??? I don't really think it is worth while. So doubters watch this class. Solar thermal and Solar PV can be important.

by Nathaniel G 03/22/2021

by chulhyun k 03/20/2021

by Abdalhade A 03/19/2021

by Evann R 03/19/2021

by Najeh B 03/17/2021

by Mars C 03/16/2021

by Lukmon A 03/13/2021

by Max C 03/05/2021

by chad k 02/21/2021

by Christopher K 02/19/2021

by Brent S 02/12/2021

by Michael Klement, Architectural Resource, LLC 02/01/2021

This course should be a part of the core curriculum for every architectural college in America. This is foundational information that every architect should have. Marc does a masterful job of bringing together, in one well designed course, a broad spectrum of knowledge, experience and wisdom, with a dash of Marc's wit and humor. For what we are up to at Architectural Resource, this course was spot on. Thank you for your contribution to our industry, Marc. Bravo!

by Darrell Moorehead 01/09/2021

As a none engineer this course filled in a lot of blanks for when I build my little home.

by samuel p 01/07/2021

by Shaul Perry, Owner, Sunwood Builders 01/07/2021

most of us understand the concept of net zero, here we get to explore the next step on Zero energy homes and the option of storage to get there.

by Michele W 01/05/2021

by Jill Brigham, Engineer 12/26/2020

Zero Net Energy Buildings presents a thorough look at practical ways we can all use to make homes use less energy. This course brings together building science and modern energy efficient building systems in a step-by-step manner that will be enlightening to anyone from homeowner, architect, and home builder. Great class - highly recommended!

by Miniar L 12/25/2020

by Jane W 12/17/2020

by Vanessa G 12/08/2020

by Roland S 11/26/2020

by Gwendolen S 11/26/2020

by Salmeen Ahmed B 11/15/2020

by ASHAFAK K 10/29/2020

by Linda S 10/14/2020

by Daniel A 10/03/2020

by sam m 09/28/2020

by Cedar A 09/21/2020

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