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by Mark Graham, Principal, Liminal Architecture 11/19/2015

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in sustainable architecture.

by Michael F 11/19/2015

by James Bell, Associate Engineer, National Grid 11/18/2015

The Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) course was fun. This course helped me understand complex DER concepts in a comprehensive and understandable matter. Building science is awesome!

by Brian Roberts, Managing Partner, Landmark Services, Inc 11/18/2015

Feel free to use comment above if you'd like.

by Jay C 08/22/2015

by William S 08/10/2015

by James Pepitone, Construction/Energy Specialist, Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven 08/06/2015

Every person, no matter what experience, degrees, or status, interested in high performance housing should take this course

by Erik Block, Owner, Erik Block Design Build 07/28/2015

My final project was never reviewed. I was disappointed in the lack of feedback on this.

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