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by Joseph G 02/27/2016

by Tom Davidson, Senior Mechanical Engineer, DLB Associates 01/20/2016

Marc Rosenbaum has always taught top-notch courses with a unique mix of expertise, humor and humanity. His new Deep Energy Retrofits course was no exception -- I highly recommend it.

by William S 01/17/2016

by John Poole, Tradesman in Chief, Birmingham Point Preservationists 12/24/2015

Marc's approach to deep energy retrofits is technically astute, pragmatic, and replete with a broad range of real world case studies. I completed this course understanding far more about DERs than I'd ever imagined.

by Chris W 12/21/2015

by Joseph LaRusso, owner 1 old house 12/18/2015

This is the second course that I've taken with Marc (I'd taken his Zero Net Energy Homes course previously), and the superlative quality of Marc's instruction and assembled materials were entirely consistent with his ZNE course. I highly recommend Marc's courses.

by Mark P 12/18/2015

by Laura Fitch, Principal, Kraus Fitch Architects 12/17/2015

This course is excellent. We need to make big changes to reduce energy demands in our changing world. Retrofitting existing homes is a really important part of that. This class will help building professionals do just that - the important work of our industry.

by Edward Bell, Principal, Lawson Bell Architects 12/17/2015

If you are interested in the future of energy conservation in the built environment, this is a great starting point.

by Dave Cornell, Architect/Contractor, The CORNELL Architectural Group pllc 12/13/2015

Let me come back to this...

by Michele S 12/11/2015

by Reid Betz, Principal, Ageloff & Associates 12/09/2015

This is an excellent course for anyone interested in building or designing buildings with a high level of thermal and energy performance, particularly if you work in existing buildings. The instructor has a wealth of practical knowledge to share and the Heatspring team does a wonderful job supporting the course.

by Meredith R 12/08/2015

by Justin Tourigny, builder, NxE Building 12/06/2015

Anyone interested in obtain a good foundation in DER should start right here with Marc and HeatSpring.

by Kevin G 12/02/2015

by Peter Brooks, Owner, Brooks Architecture 12/01/2015

This is the second course of his that I have taken, that should tell you something. Marc is on the cutting edge of Net Zero and DER design. He covers all aspects that are needed for a complete design of the technical engineering aspects.

by Myrt Jaquay-Wilson, Estimator, Wright Builders, Inc 11/28/2015

Marc's wealth of knowledge and years of field experience create an unparalleled learning experience. Seldom does anyone so truly walk the walk they talk.

by Irving Yee, Architect, Ethelind Coblin Architect 11/28/2015

Marc is a true Master of doing Deep Energy Retrofits. His ability to breakdown concepts and deliver each topic in simple terms makes this course easy to understand. It is great for licensed professionals and contractors who want to expand their knowledge and businesses. It is also fun for ordinary folks who just like houses. It's for everyone who wants a low energy, super comfortable home.

by Matthew Bartle, Project Manager, Hayward Design Build 11/24/2015

Marc knows his stuff. Building science is ever evolving, yet Marc describes the basics and their real world applications in great detail. Building smart means saving energy dollars down the road. Marc lives and breathes these ideas and shows simple ways to implement them in everyday construction.

by Tom B 11/23/2015

by Ann McKinley, Owner, Heavenly Holdings 11/22/2015

Great class to bring you up to speed on net zero energy houses and how to build them.

by Jonathan S 11/22/2015

by Dan Edelstein, Architect, Daniel Edelstein/Architect 11/20/2015

M.R. cuts thru the obfuscation of the Zero Net Energy Home conundrum like a finely honed hardened steel cleaver arcing thru the air and slicing thru a piece of nice warm brie, effortlessly getting to the heart of the matter.......only with a lot less mess!

by Patrick M 11/20/2015

by Joe Bosworth, CEO, Holyoke Design Center 11/19/2015

Only the comments above, for now. Thank you.

by David G 11/19/2015

by Mark Graham, Principal, Liminal Architecture 11/19/2015

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in sustainable architecture.

by Michael F 11/19/2015

by James Bell, Associate Engineer, National Grid 11/18/2015

The Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) course was fun. This course helped me understand complex DER concepts in a comprehensive and understandable matter. Building science is awesome!

by Brian Roberts, Managing Partner, Landmark Services, Inc 11/18/2015

Feel free to use comment above if you'd like.

by Jay C 08/22/2015

by William S 08/10/2015

by James Pepitone, Construction/Energy Specialist, Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven 08/06/2015

Every person, no matter what experience, degrees, or status, interested in high performance housing should take this course

by Erik Block, Owner, Erik Block Design Build 07/28/2015

My final project was never reviewed. I was disappointed in the lack of feedback on this.

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