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by musaope m 08/02/2016

by Ron S 07/31/2016

by Nicholas F 07/29/2016

by Darren A 07/16/2016

by Dustin O 07/05/2016

by Wendy B 06/30/2016

by Lillian M 06/25/2016

by Muhammad Asaf, HVAC mechanical supervisor , SGH group at Batterjee Medical College 06/22/2016


by ROY E 06/14/2016

by Michael N 06/14/2016

by j t 06/08/2016

by Janus W 06/06/2016

by Elizabeth D 06/06/2016

by Michael Schunk, Owner/Architect/CPHC, Home Energy Design Services 06/05/2016

Don't take this course! You'll become an addicted energy junky and want more, and more, and more..... seriously, its the best!

by Rachel W 06/04/2016

by Spencer Richland, Architectural Designer 06/03/2016

The 10 week format along with terrific information was perfect for my situation of needing flexibility and time to digest and apply this information in a real world project. Thanks for the extension to June 3 by the way, it was perfect!

by Jer Greene 06/03/2016

I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in how we might make this world a better place through energy-efficient, utility-independent, residential design and construction.

by John Saveson, Energy Analyst/HERS Rater, Center for EcoTechnology 06/03/2016

A terrific class and instructor. The instructor is passionate about the material, extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and a great communicator.

by Keihly M 06/03/2016

by David P 06/03/2016

by I. Nate Scaglione, Sustainable Designer 06/03/2016

A wonderful, fun, and extremely informative course.

by Dean A 06/02/2016

by Frank Pietrzak 06/02/2016

Excellent primer and extensive overview of NZE Homes! Instructor Marc Rosenberg openly shares his extensive knowledge of the design and construction elements for creating a successful outcome to various building challenges be it "new construction" or retrofit modifications. Be prepared to learn a lot.

by Rand C 06/02/2016

by Dylan Kinsey, Owner/Builder, Kinsey Construction 06/02/2016

Marc's course greatly expanded my understanding of energy use in buildings and the potential of super insulated, low energy homes. The tools, materials, and guidance Marc offers in this course are indispensable to anyone in the trade. I highly recommend it!

by valerie White, owner, White Architects llc 06/01/2016

Marc is a wonderful teacher and communicator. If the construction industry is going to change to high performance construction, we need to make sure certain key concepts become the new norm. Marc is clearly a forerunner in creating this new path. If he had an sequel to this course, I would take it.

by Rick K 05/24/2016

by Michael B 05/20/2016

by david sims, director, ecological systems 05/16/2016

not yet

by Kelly M 05/15/2016

by Ana de Lima 05/15/2016

I liked the course and I am waiting for the next course at this website.

by Jonathan B 05/15/2016

by Brian W 05/14/2016

by Edson Yamamoto 05/10/2016


by Jason Ashford 05/09/2016

It's epic and grand. Thanks again!

by Raghunadha Vadlamudi, Country Head, Bahrain Solar Industry Association 05/06/2016

Very Introductory & Interesting

by Pedro P 05/02/2016

by Rad P 04/29/2016

by Shiwa R 04/23/2016



by Sandro A 04/15/2016

by Cyrus M 04/13/2016

by Abdallah Y 04/12/2016

by Shaker Katu, Urban Planning Specialist LEED AP BD+C, Royal Commission of Jubail 04/11/2016

Thank you!

by Joseph LaRusso, owner 1 old house 04/10/2016

Marc's presentations are always thoughtfully constructed, clearly written, and appropriately paced. This lecture was no diffirent.

by Jose C 04/05/2016

by Danie C 04/03/2016

by Ali K 04/03/2016

by Paul A 03/30/2016

by Adam P 03/29/2016

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