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by David Frazier, Six wall mounts, Mechanical services 06/03/2023

Great job on course

by Mohini K 05/03/2023

by Dustin A 04/24/2023

by Kevin T 04/19/2023

by Leah K 04/14/2023

by Amanda S 04/13/2023

by Kirk A 04/12/2023

by Joy A 03/31/2023

by Michelle V 03/22/2023

by Rajendiran m 03/12/2023


by Harish K 03/05/2023

by Keith A 03/04/2023

by Allan P 02/01/2023

by Ammar A 01/23/2023

by Brenda H 01/10/2023

by Samuel Manning 11/12/2022

I enjoyed that I was able to explore building science concepts and net-zero applications at my own pace. The course covered a wide variety of subjects and provided a depth of knowledge building resources to hone in on each subject.

by Brian O 10/31/2022

by Rajesh L 07/25/2022

by Anna H 06/30/2022

by ABDESSAMAD A 06/03/2022

by Jonathan G 05/06/2022

by Joel R 05/04/2022

by Waled Yahya 04/30/2022

good course

by Lamey F 04/21/2022

by John A 04/11/2022

by Tyler I 03/21/2022

by Rashaad E 02/18/2022

by Chaitanya T 01/29/2022

by Eric H 01/28/2022

by Terry M 01/27/2022

by Damian G 01/10/2022

by Saryn C 01/04/2022

by Lisa R 12/14/2021

by matthew c 12/14/2021

by Beth C 12/10/2021

by Nigel P 12/07/2021

by Matt N 12/01/2021

by Rosemary A 11/17/2021

by Tami S 11/03/2021

by Jehu Levian Victor J 11/02/2021

by Ahmed Zidan Hassan M 10/09/2021

by Bilel A 09/23/2021

by Yasir K 09/16/2021

by Carlos E 08/30/2021

by omotayo b 08/27/2021

by Prasad N 08/26/2021

by Shankar R 08/20/2021

by Sam M 08/10/2021

by Zaid S 08/09/2021

by Matthew I 08/04/2021

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