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by Parmar Smit 09/08/2020


by Sandra Lester 07/09/2020

Great course. We have to be conscious of how our building assemblies are dealing with moisture as well as heat so that we don't end up with the unintended consequences of moisture buildup.

by Shaun Jackson 06/15/2020

students please listen closely & learn as much as possible because these courses will prove to be very instrumental in your success in the building trades, I find the information to be very helpful as well as invaluable

by Sean G 04/15/2020

by Dinesh K 04/15/2020

by ARAVIND T 04/10/2020


by Sorelle Chekam 04/09/2020

wufi is great tool

by Ashley Kucko 03/18/2020

This course has useful information on understanding how to address water issues when constructing a building.

by kevin krupa 03/03/2020

One mistake in selection and/or quality of an element can put the entire assembly at risk of not drying out.

by Jody Fitzgerald, Construction Manager, Florida Home partnership 04/12/2019

Good information if the science and theory are your thing. Easy to follow

by Wilson Williams Manu 04/12/2019

I have taken some courses about green building design this one goes straight to point and give you the practical information need

by Hilario Godines, Owner, Renewable Energy Of Texas 03/30/2019

very good course

by Joel Nzima 03/12/2019

it is good and excellent

by Dustin L 02/01/2019

by Tyler Cvitkovic 01/14/2019

Course was just what I was looking for, very informative.

by elavarasi kovalan 08/02/2018


by jungkeun cha 07/24/2018

simple to follow with solid knowledge base

by Jorge Hernández, Engineer, Asotech llc 05/27/2018

This course have a lot to learn from

by William L 05/08/2018

by Bart Henry 03/13/2018

good course

by Sethu Ramalingam.A 03/13/2018


by K.NAVEEN KUMAR 02/09/2018


by gnaneswaran R D 02/06/2018


by BAZEER AHAMED.S 02/05/2018


by Graham Macdonald 01/22/2018

It was technical and practical, a tough task to fit into an hour.

by nikoleta petrova, CAD Design 01/13/2018

Great presentation!

by Irving Yee, Architect, Ethelind Coblin Architect 12/06/2017

This is a good intro course on what high performance design entails.

by Jessica M 10/24/2017

by mohammad al hemide 10/15/2017

it is helpful

by thanooe paul 10/04/2017

its excellent

by Laine H 05/09/2017



by MADHUMITHA T 03/09/2017

by Noah Cross 06/07/2016


by John Walker, Weatherization Assessor, Rolling Plains Management Corp. 03/08/2016


by Ammar Khalil 03/06/2016


by Shaker Katu, Urban Planning Specialist LEED AP BD+C, Royal Commission of Jubail 02/06/2016

thank you for the great effort

by John Kalungi 01/25/2016

I would recommend it to another student interested in green building

by Robert Mosier, Principal, Robert Mosier Architect 11/24/2015


by Enga Lokey, Student, Student 11/21/2015

fantastic course, only complaint is I wanted more

by Mike Miranda, Owner, Calibama 11/18/2015

really enjoyed the course

by Ronald Fitzpatrick, Environmental Engineering , Student Bristol Community College 09/19/2015

I like to some day experiment something in this field with my own future home. thank you for the time and

by Joshua Santos 09/18/2015

I recommend this to anyone looking for a comprehensive approach to managing balance between moisture and energy!

by Chris Carl, Owner/Developer, Stepping Stone Tree Farm 08/24/2015

The science is accurate, the problems defined and the solutions achievable. Peter Yost thoroughly covers the intricacies of heat and moisture in high performance buildings.

by Robin Greenwood 07/24/2015

Not today

by Justin L 07/12/2023

by Seth C 07/06/2023

by Alicia Daniels U 06/04/2023

by Daniel F 03/22/2023

by Sean B 03/15/2023

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