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by Bill Nowak 05/29/2023

This class does a great job of assuming the student has no knowledge of heat pumps and imparting some of the basic concepts needed to understand heat pumps.

by Gokularaj Elangovan 08/01/2023


by Riley C 07/31/2023

by Bruce Bailey, Energy Conservation Advisor, Colquitt EMC 06/07/2023

well worth the time.

by Glen Suhren, Engineer, Self 05/22/2023

Basic course describing the many variations in heat pump system.

by Frank Smith, Gate House Watch 05/18/2023

This really helped be design a system for my own house. I have a electrical background and have been in and around cnstruction most of my working life. Rarely does someone take the time to stop what they are doing and explain something in such great detail. John does not "Dumb it Down" with the technical terms, but takes the time to explain what they mean and the differences of each.. It kind of reminds me when I was in trade school. Especially like the part where he explained energy and power as it relates to heat pumps. This is a really well thought out course and delivered in plain language anyone can understand. Can't wait for the next one.

by clyde winter 05/04/2023

Mr. Siegenthaler is like a really great coach - always reinforcing and emphasizing mastery of the basic knowledge and skills that are necessary to achieve top performance. And like a really great teacher, he never confuses, never over-complicates. If you didn't quite get what he just said, don't just brush it off. Listen to it again. Or read it again. Don't give up. Listen and read carefully. Sometimes you have to work hard to be able to understand something. When you really understand something, that becomes a powerful tool in your hands.

by Don M 12/05/2023

by Nadiyah M 12/05/2023

by James G 11/21/2023

by Ben L 11/10/2023

by Jacqueline M 11/08/2023

by Cynthia C 11/03/2023

by Johanna M 10/30/2023

by Seolyun S 10/20/2023

by Marco R 10/15/2023

by JOE F 10/12/2023

by Benjamin v 10/04/2023

by Aravind Datta T 10/04/2023

by Bob K 09/27/2023

by Amber W 09/27/2023

by Siddharth T 09/24/2023

by Jim M 09/22/2023

by Jacob m 09/18/2023

by Mohamad zaki A 09/15/2023

by Frederic W 09/15/2023

by Hunter M 09/14/2023

by Zdenek B 09/13/2023

by LUIS C 09/10/2023

by Manjot S 09/05/2023

by Robert D 09/02/2023

by Kevin Q 08/22/2023

by Rich T 08/14/2023

by William A 08/14/2023

by Stephen F 08/07/2023

by Miguel G 08/07/2023

by David G 08/04/2023

by Donovan R 07/30/2023

by Aubrey S 07/11/2023

by Eamon W 07/11/2023

by Clare H 07/06/2023

by Nicholas H 07/06/2023

by Mitch B 07/05/2023

by Steven C 07/01/2023

by diana m 06/30/2023

by John B 06/29/2023

by Brock S 06/27/2023

by Peter N 06/26/2023

by Aryan A 06/25/2023

by jon b 06/22/2023

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