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by Nitesh Gurjar, HAPPY AT WORK: 10 DESIGN INTERVENTIONS FOR A BETTER WORKPLACE, Career po... 06/08/2020

Happy at work

by Dr Sumathi Premkumar 04/26/2020

Work Life Balance was focused. Good

by Dr Premkumar Krishnamoorthi 04/26/2020

Happy at work and how interventions are handled, everything clearly dealt in this course

by Dr.M. MADHESWARAN 04/24/2020


by William Bates 04/17/2020


by Saravanan S 04/11/2020

Very good course

by Dr Preetha Jagannathan 04/10/2020


by Aayushi Dwivedi 04/02/2020

yes i enjoyed a lot , the experience was best .

by Susana Neto 02/02/2019

Well presented material, supported by credible information research.

by FARHEEN NOOR KHAN 08/04/2018

Good one, provides key points for general office design

by KANNAN V 07/30/2018


by moh sh 04/15/2016


by al-emran hossain, President, Bangladesh Green Building Academy 03/09/2016

Yes, enjoy so much

by Manal Elewah 03/07/2016

I really enjoyed the presentation Happy @ Work, it is simple with lots of ideas that several could be implemented at any work place.

by diana m 08/25/2023

by Ali K 09/02/2022

by Victor Philip L 01/09/2022

by Matthew I 08/20/2021

by Ahmed S 04/29/2021

by Wahid S 01/08/2021

by Donald W 01/05/2021

by Crystal S 08/11/2020

by Adacia E 06/04/2020

by jamie l 06/03/2020

by Mike D 05/29/2020

by Billy S 05/21/2020

by Mike M 05/13/2020

by Cedric J 04/27/2020

by SENTHILKUMAR S 04/27/2020

by SHEWALE BHAGAWAT K 04/25/2020

by kevin k 04/14/2020

by cody i 04/14/2020

by Matthew F 12/09/2019

by Mathew S 12/20/2017

by abraham o 09/05/2017

by wittaya s 08/08/2017

by nimish p 09/12/2016

by Alena R 07/08/2016

by Anselien S 03/15/2016

by Louie D 01/10/2016

by acharawan c 12/29/2015

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