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by BIBIN P 05/11/2022

by Murtuza Kapadia 12/08/2020

Great introductory course for geothermal well bore design

by RON FOSTER 11/16/2020

A great introduction to design considerations of geothermal installations.

by manish joshi 07/30/2020

new to geothermal its the to go course.

by Kalidass D 04/13/2020

Yes I am really enjoyed and it's very useful to know the geothermal HVAC design

by Ken Davis 04/07/2020

This is a FANTASTIC Introduction to Geo Thermal in an excellent presentation

by peter sraum 02/25/2020

Great intro into geothermal

by Clayton Geno 02/23/2020

Very much worth the time to invest in learning more about GeoThermal systems. Thank you

by Ruben Koch 12/19/2019

For those that have never dealt with building loads, this is the perfect course for it.

by Ariel T 11/03/2019

by Aysegul Cetin, Technical specialist-Geologist (Msc), Iller bank 11/03/2018

I advise to all, if you want to get a deeper understand to Geothermal HVAC design

by Cleef M 02/28/2022

by Muhammad H 02/06/2022

by MEHALA S 12/17/2021

by Nigel P 12/07/2021

by BASEL MOUSTAFA B 11/09/2021

by Elizabeth M 09/18/2021

by Shane H 08/18/2021

by David C 08/13/2021

by Zaid S 08/09/2021

by Matthew I 07/30/2021

by Allen C 06/23/2021

by Tanya K 06/20/2021

by Scott S 06/16/2021

by Robert A 05/13/2021

by samuel p 01/12/2021

by Bernard V 12/19/2020

by Syed M 07/23/2020

by Maria S 05/28/2020

by manmohan y 05/14/2020

by Ranjeet K 05/08/2020

by Arthur W 05/07/2020

by Ekta U 04/23/2020

by MANOJ KUMAR B 04/22/2020

by Austin O 03/26/2020

by Fabian V 02/09/2020

by Kara R 12/19/2019

by King T 11/24/2019

by Nicholas L 06/25/2019

by Jacqueline G 09/27/2018