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by Prashanti RS 06/11/2022

If you are going to install then this will be resourceful to you.

by Robert Menworleh 09/09/2020

This course help me to know about the various types of collectors, and give me an overview of cost/incentive and is also a green energy it has no Green House Gas (GHG). I learned that the solar thermal have a bigger tank as a normal hot water tank.

by Aman Brijesh Rana 06/06/2020


by Robert Barcena 05/19/2020


by Rachelle Magbuhos 05/08/2020

This course touched briefly on all basic aspects of solar thermal, which will be very helpful for beginners

by Rohit Kumar Singh 04/27/2020

It is very helpful course

by Abhishek Varma 04/27/2020


by Devashish Kushwah 04/25/2020

Some important theories if you learn about this you can join this course

by Suraj Yadav 04/25/2020

It is an very useful course which any student can apply in villages.

by M. Rajesh 04/22/2020


by Rakesh Kumar Meena 04/15/2020


by Dr R Thanigaivelan 04/10/2020


by Saravanan S 04/09/2020

The course is very much useful

by Morne Venter 04/02/2020

Quick and easy to understand

by Kofi Osei-Adjei, Pv Solar engineer, Tomcal Ventures 03/30/2020

Real and practical skills that ,can be applied in the field ',you're a BIG part of great things, I will be in future'.....!!!

by Gajalakshmi B 02/26/2020

by Joel Nzima 12/17/2019

it is well

by Roy Devine 12/16/2019

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by حسن ق 07/28/2023

by Ahmed M 07/04/2023

by trevor sifiso l 09/30/2022

by Mohamed Mohamed I 09/24/2022

by Anthony R 03/16/2022

by hayder a 09/23/2021

by Malek A 08/30/2021

by Touaref F 08/07/2021

by Ahmed A 08/06/2021

by Matthew I 08/06/2021

by Shannon T 05/17/2021

by Carol C 03/29/2021

by samuel p 01/13/2021

by RISHIKESH S 01/02/2021

by Travon T 12/30/2020

by SEND R 12/18/2020

by Vanessa G 12/10/2020

by Victoria M 12/10/2020

by Libby S 09/16/2020

by Tara P 07/29/2020

by Darlene H 07/21/2020

by Praveen k 06/07/2020

by Syed R A 05/27/2020

by Yogeshwaree S 05/27/2020

by Rachel O 05/23/2020

by Megan O 05/23/2020

by Mike K 05/22/2020

by Jay E 05/21/2020

by Mel C 05/21/2020

by Arjun N 05/21/2020

by JM P 05/20/2020

by Gregory O 05/19/2020

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