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by Chris Spychalski 04/17/2023

Very understandable and amazing monitoring bonus material.



by Jon Aid, Owner, Precision Hydronics 05/04/2021

I thought the course was very well done, especially for anyone less familiar with heat pumps and what it will take to convert from fossil fuel boilers.

by Jennifer Dilworth 02/26/2021

Nice job!

by Robert Mellon 01/09/2021

Very informative and packed full of great photos and documentation of the authors hands on experience

by John W 01/05/2021

by Muhammad Asaf, HVAC mechanical supervisor , SGH group at Batterjee Medical College 12/25/2020


by Bojan A 10/08/2023

by Shannon T 03/13/2023

by Dilli N 03/05/2023

by Kent H 12/31/2022

by Ben E 05/19/2022

by Laura A 05/16/2022

by Levon S 04/25/2022

by Lamey F 04/21/2022

by jon b 04/20/2022

by Jerritt G 04/17/2022

by Alex C 03/02/2022

by Robert B 03/01/2022

by Kamran S 11/18/2021

by Damian T 11/17/2021

by Peter N 10/28/2021

by Stephen M 10/27/2021

by Alice T 09/18/2021

by darrell k 09/09/2021

by Anthony D 09/07/2021

by Harold S 08/20/2021

by Zaid S 08/09/2021

by Lee N 08/01/2021

by James P 07/26/2021

by Max A 07/22/2021

by aaron m 07/14/2021

by jorge b 07/06/2021

by Rick T 07/06/2021

by Michael L 06/14/2021

by Jillian L 06/07/2021

by Ilona P 06/05/2021

by Schley w 05/21/2021

by RJ C 05/08/2021

by Brian V 04/20/2021

by CHRIS K 04/13/2021

by Clay N 03/15/2021

by P O 03/01/2021

by Jared C 02/24/2021

by Michael S 02/17/2021

by abdalla m 02/03/2021

by Tim W 02/03/2021

by Joshua M 01/29/2021

by Les P 01/28/2021

by Corey H 01/20/2021

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