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by Chris Connelly, Owner/President, Solar Bear Energy 05/19/2022

I have taken a number of Sean White's courses, and they have all been excellent. He is able to break down the complexities of the subject matter into terms that are easy to comprehend. Great Trainer!

by Ed Zinthefer, President, Arch Electric Inc 04/09/2022

This course provide me the CEU's necessary to maintain my NABCEP credentials. One of the reasons I selected this course was to gain additional industry knowledge. I was pleased with time spent and the purchase value which far exceeds other education platforms I have experienced that resulted in more of a check the box type of CEU's with little educational value. Thanks for a well written course.

by Trang Donovan, Owner, Energy Shepherds 03/04/2022

A spoonful of Sean White helps the NEC go down.

by Shannon R 06/17/2022

by MATTHEW J 02/23/2022

by Rocco Fucetola 05/31/2022

Excellent Discussion board feedback.

by Art Krebs, CEO, Krebs Ventures LLC dba Construction Art 05/27/2022

The best energy storage course to day. A must if in the energy industry.

by Emma Power, Consultant, Fundamental Inc. 04/21/2022

A great overview of the current energy storage market and tech options. A good balance of general info and technical details. This is my second course with Sean and I've enjoyed both!

by Josh Mason, Dealer Manager, Michigan Solar Solutions 05/12/2021

This is a necessary course for anyone interested in Energy Storage. Sean White takes a sometimes boring subject and infuses it with just enough personality to make it enjoyable. This course is absolutely worth the price of admission.

by Nader Shaheen, Electriculture LLC 04/11/2021

Energy storage is the future and there is no better way to start your journey than to take this in-depth course.

by Jordan Barbin, Project Manager, Alpha Inc 03/18/2021

I've been working in the PV industry for 9 years and wish I took this class when I started. It's taken me years to learn what he teaches in this 18 hour course

by Chelsea Mudge 02/13/2021

This course is perfect for those who have not had much experience in energy storage as well as those who have been in the field. Sean does a fantastic job laying down the basic fundamentals while also layering in the higher-level technical aspects of ESS. He provides the history of the technology and keeps the content relevant to our current times with fun humor sprinkled in to keep things interesting & fresh. I very much intend on taking more courses from Sean after this.

by Jonathan Mooney, Technical Sales Analysist , Pure Power Solutions 02/09/2021

Sean does a fantastic job and diving deep into the subject of solar and energy storage. He seems like he enjoys what he does and it comes across in his tutorials. This is important when learning with online tutorials as they can often be dry and the lack of human engagement can make a class anemic. Sean has the complete opposite effect and it has been a pleasure to attend his class.

by Robert Clarke, Principal, 621 Energy, LLC 12/06/2020

The content was exactly what I was looking for. Sean's style, excitement and presentation of the materials with a sense of humor made it one of the best courses I have taken. Sean's detailed response to comments and questions goes way beyond what you could reasonably expect from an instructor.

by Abigail Timog 12/01/2020

If you want to learn about energy storage systems from a very fun and upbeat instructor, take this class, you will not regret it!

by Mark Richardson, CEO, U.S. Light Energy 11/15/2020

Sean White is one of the very best instructors in the field today. The course covers a wide variety of material without getting bogged down with too many highly technical details. Highly recommended!

by Amanda S 06/13/2022

by Paulo P 05/27/2022

by Mike R 05/23/2022

by James W 05/19/2022

by Kevin P 05/09/2022

by Christian L 04/30/2022

by Anthony P 03/31/2022

by Luke P 03/18/2022

by Bill C 03/17/2022

by Clayton M 03/09/2022

by Brian B 02/26/2022

by Nora B 02/21/2022

by Leonard P 02/20/2022

by Jonathan C 02/11/2022

by Neil M 02/08/2022

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by Brett N 05/30/2021

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by Daniel B 01/18/2021