Energy Storage Associate Boot Camp


Instructor: Sean White

Subjects: Solar: Business Growth, Solar: Batteries and Storage

Length: 5 modules

Student Rating

Rating: 8.9/10 (view ratings)
21 students have taken this course

Latest Surveys

01/18/2021 - Daniel B.

Rating: 8/10

01/16/2021 - Bill S.

Rating: 10/10

01/13/2021 - Brian H.

Rating: 8/10

12/06/2020 - Robert C.

Rating: 10/10

The content was exactly what I was looking for. Sean's style, excitement and presentation of the materials with a sense of humor made it one of the best courses I have taken. Sean's detailed response to comments and questions goes way beyond what you could reasonably expect from an instructor.

12/01/2020 - Abigail T.

Rating: 10/10

If you want to learn about energy storage systems from a very fun and upbeat instructor, take this class, you will not regret it!

11/27/2020 - Jeffrey G.

Rating: 6/10

11/15/2020 - Mark R.

Rating: 10/10

Sean White is one of the very best instructors in the field today. The course covers a wide variety of material without getting bogged down with too many highly technical details. Highly recommended!

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