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by Kathleen Pedersen, Senior Planner/Environmental Reviewer/Sustainability, Boston Plannin... 12/01/2017

Chris was extremely effective instructor both in terms of the presentation of the material as well as his responsiveness to inquiries.

by Brijesh V 08/12/2017

by dan bytner, Cad Designer, Thermolite Inc. 06/13/2017

Great course to get your first lesson on Equest and great overview on heat mechanics and HVAC systems.

by Reginald Smith, Energy Solutions Development Engineer, Johnson Controls, Inc 06/14/2016

I enjoyed being able to work at my own pace while also having the support system and learning environment in place to actually learn the material

by John Poole, Tradesman in Chief, Birmingham Point Preservationists 06/14/2016

"I found this course invaluable in learning how to effectively use eQUEST as an energy modeling tool"

by Gregory V 12/22/2022

by Seolyun S 12/02/2022

by Claudia D 04/11/2022

by Juliann M 03/25/2022

by Aakash G 03/30/2021

by Pranav P 03/19/2021

by Chinedu M 03/18/2021

by Ershaun H 12/16/2020

by Christopher P 12/15/2020

by Chris M 11/08/2020

by Reza A 06/30/2020

by Kiersten W 04/09/2020

by Bryan P 04/08/2020

by Yang J 10/07/2019

by Michele S 04/06/2019

by James P 06/11/2018

by Martin S 12/21/2016

by Duncan B 12/08/2016

by Lisa W 06/10/2016

by Liz M 05/27/2016

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