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by Donovan Richie 09/24/2023

This course was eye-opening for me as I begin my journey into learning about green buildings. Prior to taking this course, my thinking about home energy efficiency was limited to things like site selection, building orientation, daylighting, building envelopes, thermal insulation, and HVAC equipment. After taking this course, I understand better how the appliances and consumer electronics we choose to put into our homes have a big impact on how energy efficient our homes actually are. This course also introduced me to online tools like and that I can use to identify more energy efficient products for my home. And Chris Calwell is an excellent presenter to learn from! He is a super smart guy who can make complex ideas and information easy to understand.

by 20E149 VIGNESH S /EEE A/ 07/19/2023


by Waled Yahya 04/30/2022

good course

by Nitesh Gurjar, HAPPY AT WORK: 10 DESIGN INTERVENTIONS FOR A BETTER WORKPLACE, Career po... 07/22/2020


by Dr.P.Selvaraj - 04/23/2020

Very Excellent Course.Thank the Presenters

by Nagarajan Chinnadurai 04/22/2020


by Dr.S.U.Prabha Umapathy 04/13/2020

Very interesting course

by Dr N Suthanthira Vanitha 04/12/2020

Knowledge Improved

by Dr.M. SUGANTHI 04/09/2020


by Saravanan S 04/09/2020

This course is very much helpful for my development

by vadivelan R 04/08/2020

All should learn

by Prince Mishra 03/29/2020

This course is gonna be a great learning. I enjoyed it & its really good for those who want to explore electrical fields

by Roudy Al Mhawas 03/28/2020

Very informative for a general perspective in regards to the plug-loads selection.

by Shahid Ahmed 02/26/2020

I would highly recommend for the prospective student who intends to this as a profession

by Deekshith Kumar 02/21/2020


by Monday Babah 11/26/2019

Excellent Course for professionals

by Ariel T 11/03/2019


One needs to understand the basis of electrical loads especially when it comes to sizing and designing an energy system, This course will do justice to that.



by One Greenfields, Director, OneGreenfields 08/22/2019

This course helps to understand electric loads in a residential type of occupancy for potential energy savings initiative and basis for solar power adaptation.

by Omar Talib 07/04/2019

i recommended this course to who is interesting to reduce the power consumption of the dwelling or houses

by Sunny N 07/03/2019

by Orlando Soco 05/16/2019


by Victor Samarakone 04/30/2019

I enjoyed the course more on energy saving equipment information

by Jody Fitzgerald, Construction Manager, Florida Home partnership 04/15/2019

Great Course.

by Caryn Turrel 03/26/2019

This course goes way beyond EnergyStar and gets to the meat on the bones of efficiency in plug loads in homes, including how different options can affect the entire energy use picture of a family. Very informative.

by Joel Nzima 03/09/2019

it is well informed subject i think other can indulge in it

by Mohammad Arifin Salasain 02/25/2019

I like how the way it tought me about the particular topics.

by Tamer Bader-Eldin 02/16/2019

Not very recommended specially for those who are already in the solar business

by Narmadha G 10/08/2018

Yes, this course is very useful

by Ismayil Boojelben 10/06/2018

This course helped me to know more information, shortcuts and details about electrical loads.

by syed abdul haq s 08/31/2018

yes ofcourse

by Sunday Adeoye 08/16/2018

The course is quite detailed, interactive and engaging.

by shiva ranjani 08/04/2018


by Ameer Kaja 08/04/2018

I enjoyed the course very much and it's useful for me

by sumitha m 08/02/2018


by Chitrakala M 08/02/2018


by kavitha lakshmi 08/02/2018


by RAKESH KANNAN 08/02/2018


by Thangavinoth Ravi 08/02/2018


by Saravana Mayandi 08/02/2018

I really enjoyed this course

by elavarasi kovalan 08/01/2018


by Gajavel Surya 07/31/2018

Good Enough

by mahendran mahendran.j 07/31/2018


by T.Sabari Pandi 07/30/2018


by Monoj Kumar 07/29/2018

Easy to finish the course.

by Melvin Richard 06/15/2018


by SOHAIL AHMED 06/14/2018

it is good for knowledge

by Mark Schmid 04/29/2018

Heat spring is a great way to receive correct information and covers many topics!

by Hussain A 03/25/2018

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