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by Naseem Aziz 06/16/2023

I finished this course in one sitting, it says a lot for the effort made in organizing this course. It will be a good source for buyers making a decision to acquire Denowatts for use in the solar PV projects.

by Joseph Silveira 06/02/2023

This course was a great refresher and added additional information I can now use while on-site.

by Rashaad El 05/14/2023

This would be a great course for those installers who would want to increase their skill sets in offering their clientele more options of their scope of services

by Aryan Ashoori 03/28/2023

Having more information

by john lombardo 02/20/2023

this is very necessary to retain, learn and practice, I can go back and refer to information I need.

by Zuhair Abed Aljawwad, Technical Manager, Technolight Engineering co. 02/14/2023

It is nice and valuble cource, you will enjoy learning new, easy and helpful system

by arthur mangwende, Chief Consultant, African Sky Technology 02/10/2023

I highly recommend this course

by Keith Allara 02/09/2023

Would love to give a more in-depth review when I complete my journey

by Jeff L 11/27/2023

by Bailey D 11/10/2023

by evyn h 10/15/2023

by Benit P 09/29/2023

by gerber r 08/27/2023

by RJ C 08/20/2023

by McCrae M 08/01/2023

by gary b 07/28/2023

by Collin K 07/24/2023

by Ed S 07/21/2023

by Ben B 07/17/2023

by Marisol G 07/10/2023

by yamil b 07/06/2023

by Long N 06/20/2023

by Oghenetega Terry A 05/13/2023

by Michael R 05/08/2023

by Michael M 05/05/2023

by Will T 04/27/2023

by Coumba Ndoffene D 04/18/2023

by Coumba Ndoffene D 04/17/2023

by Jessica A 04/11/2023

by Harold H 04/06/2023

by Mouhamad A 04/01/2023

by Mohamad A 04/01/2023

by Marcus T 03/28/2023

by Simon L 03/24/2023

by Justine L 03/23/2023

by Charlie V 03/15/2023

by JOETHOM N 03/05/2023

by Matthew M 03/04/2023

by Mac Millan Y 02/25/2023

by Jonathan R 02/21/2023

by Nazir S 02/16/2023

by Faur I 02/15/2023

by Sho Y 02/15/2023

by Ryan B 02/14/2023

by DAVID R 02/10/2023

by Dilipkumar V 02/10/2023

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