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by Mugesh Kannan.G 04/09/2020

Truely enjoyed

by Amal Alsayeed Mohamed Ahmed 04/02/2020


by Tim Gondek 03/10/2020

This is a simple way to begin learning geothermal in small bite size amounts

by John Manning, President, Earth Sensitive Solutions, LLC 12/15/2019

Ryan Carda does an excellent job communicating the essence of required information in a clear & concise manner.

by Ruben Koch 12/08/2019

For folks interested in the deep bore drilling this quick course is a must take before taking place in such endeavor.

by King T 11/19/2019

by Kannika J 10/25/2019


by Tracey Ogden, President, Geothermal Drilling of New England 10/20/2019

Heat Spring has been my "go to" for continued learning and re-freshers as a geothermal professional.

by Nicholas L 06/24/2019

by Nathaniel Y 03/12/2023

by Thomas W 02/10/2023

by Andy D 11/21/2022

by John P. C 09/18/2022

by MARK W 09/14/2022

by C D 08/29/2022

by Jared T 08/09/2022

by Steven G 07/29/2022

by michael m 12/08/2021

by Elizabeth M 09/18/2021

by Tanya K 06/20/2021

by Scott S 06/17/2021

by SEND R 05/28/2021

by Walter T 04/28/2021

by Mindaugas P 04/08/2021

by Jacob K 06/30/2020

by James P 06/15/2020

by Namer A 05/07/2020

by Christopher T 03/03/2020

by Kortney L 10/17/2019

by Ryan F 12/05/2016

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