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The name says it well, this was very comprehensive! There was a lot of useful information, and it was all shared in a very accessible, understandable manner. I learned a lot and enjoyed the depth of the information presented. Highly recommended!

Nick Matthes
Project Manager, MREA

The course was up to date, extensive and it was a pleasure to listen to Wes sharing his experince on solar plus storage topics

Sierakowski Mateusz

As a master's degree student in the field of energy storage and a bachelor of energy engineering, I highly recommend this course to people that want to start their career in the Energy Storage field. It is a great bridge between theoretical concepts provided by universities and practical knowledge possessed only by the industry experts.

Godlewski Wojciech

Wes Kennedy and Heatspring are doing a phenomenal job and providing the knowledge needed to stay abreast of the important trends and economic and technical aspects of the solar and storage industry, well done, very thorough.

Stuart Kriendler
Managing Director, BE Solar (Bermuda Engineering Co. Ltd.)

It is worth the investment of time and money.

Bob Solger
Managing Partner, Solar Design Studio

I'd recommend this course to anyone looking for a deeper understanding of the PV / storage landscape, including available products, battery chemistries, system design considerations, policy implications, market drivers, and much more. All taught by the venerable Wes Kennedy who is an engaging speaker and as knowledgeable as it gets about this space.

Andrew Truitt
Partner, Distributed Resource Ventures

Comprehensive Solar Plus Storage course is a good introduction to PV plus storage. The course will provide the students will an understanding of the challenges the industry faces and good exposure to key concepts of system design.

Gleeson Roach
Operations Manager, Williams everGreen Ltd.

When I started this course I didn’t realize it was a 9 week course but once I started I really enjoyed what I learned!

Brandon Noster

Worthwhile course. Very informative.

brian cullen
Principal, CAM Solar

Wes Kennedy is and excellent instructor. This course is on par with the quality training I have come to expect from HeatSpring

Theothoros Giannakouros
Vice President, Blue Sky Solar

An organized, well-presented course for being introduced to the potential and growth of solar+storage

Rob Mclane
Lead installer, Technicians for Sustainability

The Comprehensive Solar Plus Storage course was an excellent introduction into a hot, growing field. I entered the course with over 9 years in the PV industry and felt as though I learned a lot more than I had expected. There still is a lot to learn, but this was a great way to get started. I look forward to putting some of my newly acquired knowledge to practice to help implement storage systems and help our customers save even more money!

Kevin Graves
Manager of Engineering, C&I, Direct Energy Solar

Wes is able to translate something that can be rather complex in a walk around the park, so to speak.

Ernesto Grossmann
COFO, Golden Solar Electric, LLC

Top notch instructor that really knows this market!

Mike Ashmore
Senior Field Applications Engineer, Ampt

Great course. I definitely recommend it if you are new to the field of storage.

Joseph Shire
Electrical Designer, Integral Group

Solar + Storage is the next big thing in alternative energy. If you want a solid foundation around the issues in this technology, you need to take this course.

Hanan Fishman
President, Alencon

I did enjoy the course and learned a lot, but my enthusiasm is somewhat tempered based on my comments above. Thanks!

Martin Beggs
Front End Commercial Design, Namaste Solar

This is a great overview of technology, trends and policy surrounding the solar + storage industry. I gained a long-term view of where things are going and when. One of the best parts of this class is learning who are the industry leaders.

Mac Lewis
Principal, Mountain Power Solutions

I've been in the solar business for a while and little did I know that vast industry of storage. Now I know!

Jan York
Residential Project Manager, Solar Technologies
Michael W

This course is very useful in preparing for entering the business of selling battery systems along with PV.

Jack Ailey
Co-president, Ailey Solar Electric
Andrei B

This course provides a great overview of the new and expanding energy storage market that is growing due to technological and regulatory advances. A great way to focus your business model into our future.

Steven Martineau
Owner, All Realms Energy

I found the course very interesting, informative and thought provoking in understanding the next steps moving on from renewable integration and the challenges that higher levels of renewable penetration offer. The course is filled with good sources of reference and examples. I would certainly recommend it to those engineers who influence decision making in designs and managing energy demand with alternative options other than just a grid connection.

Graham Richards
Technical Sales Manager, Open Energi

Solid foundation on battery storage existing off-grid and emerging grid-tied.

Randall Sadewic
President, Positive Energy, Inc

Of all the solar storage courses online and in class this Heatspring course was definitely the most professional and involved of all of them. I'm happy I made the decision to choose this course. Thank you

William Lee
Project Manager, Alpha Energy

This is a fantastic course for the inexperience, and experienced Solar+Storage career professional. There is always more to learn and this course will touch base on every subject and make you a well-rounded individual in this excellent "green-collared" field.

Kyle Selepouchin
Associate, Cadmus Group

This course will quickly advance your knowledge on all the important industry aspects of technical, markets, policy and financial analysis.

Gerald Robinson
Program Manager , Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Storage technologies are broadening the market for cost-effective PV applications and the Advanced Solar + Storage course provides and excellent overview of currently available technologies and what will be needed in the future. A very professional and timely presentation supplemented with valuable course materials.

Charles George
General Manager, Vegas Electric

This is my third course with Heatspring. As we in the Bahamas a century behind the US in solar technology and resources I was not able to complete the technically advanced objectives, like drawings and designs. This is due mainly to the lack of concrete project goals in our environment. Still, what I've learned will lead me to completing projects in real life once they appear on our horizon.

Zoltan Szasz
VP Technical Sales, Bahamas Energy & Solar Supplies

This course is a very good launching point for getting started in the solar plus storage industry. The instructor's experience provides a good foundation and broad perspective of the field. This course covers residential, commercial and industrial applications, helping the student refine where they want to specialize in their future work.

Tom Durston
owner, Solar Alternatives Design

Heatspring's Advanced Solar and Storage on-line was a great way for me to gather a tremendous amount of information about battery storage. We learned about equipment, design, NEC code, utility and finances. It gave me just the boost I needed to support my understanding of utility battery storage moving forward.

Mark Gillespie
President, TMI Electrical Contractors

Enjoyed this heatspring course. A good way to go to improve knowledge for busy professionals.

joe frani
project manager, san diego gas & electric

Heatspring is a huge resource for the energy storage business. Wes Kennedy is spot on with his resources.

Amanda Potter
Owner, Adirondack Battery & Solar, LLC

<taken from first question> Wes covers a variety of current, historical and potential future storage applications. Wes's background and experience is very valuable and apparent in the videos. In addition, love the discussion board - listening to other students for real world feedback on products, applications and experience.

Joe Callahan
founder, energisimple / energilab

With my background in solar I feel this class augmented my knowledge and has given me a good understanding markets, financials and technologies.

Neil Saunders
PV design Engineer, Technicians for Sustainability

I appreciated the approach Wes took with a holistic view of Advanced Solar + Storage. He took wide ranging and toothy topics and made them accessible with humour and analogy. He was effective in tying together the common storage components from the smallest off-grid cabin to utility scale grid support.

Sam Mason
Commercial Design Team Manager, Namaste Solar Electric, Inc

A very worthwhile class for anyone interested in a comprehensive perspective of the exciting and rapidly evolving solar + storage market in the US. Wes has a firm grasp on the large variety of information on this subject matter and a great communication style for online learning. I really enjoyed this class.

Stephen Kane

Very good overview of the current state of storage technology and economics.

Bill Stewart
President, SolarCraft
Jeremy W
Owen D
Rejean L
Gage G
Gerry S
Emma S
Sergio C
Jordan B
Katrina W
Flint R

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