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by Geoffrey Ritter, Owner, Plants and Power llc 02/09/2021

Important information for a emerging entrepreneur. Thank you

by Erica Jean-Baptiste, Co-Founder/CEO, WGGP Construction Services, LLC 01/08/2021

So many great options available for new and retrofit builds. Will definitely share on upcoming prospective builds. Great presentation.

by Nitesh Gurjar, HAPPY AT WORK: 10 DESIGN INTERVENTIONS FOR A BETTER WORKPLACE, Career po... 06/10/2020


by Dr Pradyumna Sharma 05/04/2020

Excellent conceptual knowledge

by Naveed Ahmed 04/25/2020

Thanks for sharing such great information in short video

by Logappa Nithyanandan 04/22/2020

Just Amazing.

by Deepak Nagar 04/20/2020

It's good

by Menakapriya M, Professor, Muthayammal Engineering College 04/10/2020

Easy to understand

by Rizwan Mohammad 04/08/2020

helps gaining practical knowledge

by AADRITI Upadhyay 04/02/2020

Its gud

by Joshua R 07/03/2022

by David Z 01/30/2022

by Solar I 01/02/2022

by Senyo A 12/23/2021

by matthew c 12/15/2021

by Justin T 11/27/2021

by Daniel P 08/04/2021

by Vanessa G 12/21/2020

by Hussein Ali Ghanem A 10/13/2020

by Ibrahim A 10/01/2020

by Malek A 08/24/2020

by Arlin Y 05/21/2020

by Paul L 05/18/2020

by j t 05/12/2020

by Nick P 05/07/2020

by Abdullah A 05/01/2020

by Rushikesh R 05/01/2020

by Anand S 04/29/2020

by Dr.P. G 04/27/2020

by Tarun N 04/25/2020

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