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by Sachin K 04/20/2020

by Aditya S 04/20/2020

by Pratik G 04/19/2020

by PRANITA C 04/19/2020

by Amudha A 04/19/2020

This course is beneficial to all.all can go through this irrespective of their domain

by LUKMON A 04/17/2020

by Monica R 04/17/2020

by Iraianbu P 04/17/2020

by aaron s 04/16/2020

by Jalloh I 04/16/2020

by cecil H 04/15/2020

by Vembu S 04/15/2020

by Neelakrishnan G 04/15/2020

by SANDHIYA R 04/15/2020

by Aquil A 04/14/2020

by Jagadeshwaran S 04/14/2020


by Kelvin Jamnah 04/13/2020

I encourage students to take full advantage.It gives you a platform to understand solar PV

by Arianna Krajewski, Installer, Solar States 04/13/2020

This course is a fantastic way to introduce you to lead acid batteries and their capabilities ]

by Dan H 04/13/2020

by Corbin H 04/13/2020

by Deepa Arul 04/13/2020

nice one

by Jame S 04/12/2020

by Joshua Adegbite 04/12/2020

I really enjoyed Chris method of teaching. His explanation on battery storage was detailed and I got every bit of what was discussed in the course. I also learnt a lot from the Q&A session

by Balamurugan Kaliappan 04/12/2020


by Kalidass D 04/12/2020

I am really enjoyed and gain some knowledge from this course



by Kathirvel C 04/12/2020

by Dr K Gunasekaran 04/11/2020

Every one understand about backup power.

by Ahmed Mohamed Mostafa 04/11/2020


by Ethan B 04/10/2020

by Menakapriya M, Professor, Muthayammal Engineering College 04/10/2020

Easy to learn

by Praveenkumar Chandran 04/10/2020


by Dr R T 04/10/2020

by Ahmed Mahmoud 04/09/2020


by David W 04/09/2020

by Zach J 04/09/2020

by Dr PUNARSELVAM E 04/09/2020


by Dr.M. SUGANTHI 04/09/2020


by D.P. Suresh 04/09/2020


by Saravanan S 04/09/2020

This course is very much helpful for my development

by Kanaga G 04/09/2020


by Mohd Zaheeruddin 04/08/2020

It is very good course to understand the basic concepts of PV system battery concepts

by A MARY B 04/08/2020

by ARIVAZHAGAN M 04/08/2020


by Mayavel N 04/07/2020

Very useful

by Vijayaraghavan M 04/07/2020

by rathnavel A 04/07/2020

Very useful to all

by Jon E 04/05/2020

by Viraj Kale 04/03/2020

Amazing course and if you are interested in the battery storage systems then you must do it now.

by Chris D 04/02/2020