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by Dharmesh Patel 05/08/2020

Nice course for beginners, who want to do some early work in the energy storage sector.

by Kristin B 05/07/2020

by Daniel W 05/07/2020

by Pracheth P 05/07/2020

by Curtis McLennan 05/07/2020

Very informative easy to follow, I can pick it up and put it down when I want

by Jenny C 05/05/2020

by Blake J 05/05/2020

by Jason C 05/05/2020

by David C 05/05/2020

by PUSHPAVALLI M 05/05/2020

by Vishal A 05/05/2020

by Deepak S 05/04/2020

by SIVAGAMI P 05/04/2020

by David B 05/04/2020

by Vasanthi M 05/04/2020

by JOYDEEP S 05/03/2020

by P.Abirami P 05/03/2020

by Muhammad O 05/03/2020

by Dr.Siva Ramkumar Mathiyalagan, Assistant Professor, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education 05/03/2020

All regsiter

by Gonzalo Q 05/02/2020

by doug l 05/01/2020

by Abhishek M 05/01/2020

by Haley F 05/01/2020

by Satish B 05/01/2020

by peter k 04/30/2020

by Ravindra Gaikwad 04/30/2020

Do have the course for basic understanding of battery capacity for Solar PV projects

by Caleb M 04/30/2020

by Ranjeet K 04/28/2020

by Kenaud R 04/27/2020

by KARTHIGA R B 04/27/2020

Depth in knowledge

by Charles E 04/26/2020

by AHMED E 04/26/2020

by Dr.P.Selvaraj - 04/26/2020

Excellent Course

by Robert M 04/25/2020

by Ezra K 04/24/2020

by Dr.M. MADHESWARAN 04/24/2020


by OSHIN R 04/24/2020

by Nikhil Kadam 04/23/2020


by Mayank D 04/23/2020

by Srinivasan A 04/23/2020

by Dr Birbal B 04/23/2020

by Rachelle M 04/23/2020

by Nsikan Akpan 04/22/2020

Thanks to Heatspring for the opportunity to take the course. It really opened my eyes to the various issues surrounding storage systems.

by Kabir Adekunle 04/21/2020

This is an interesting and value-adding course for every RE engineer out there

by Jay K 04/21/2020

by Nagarajan Chinnadurai 04/21/2020


by Suraj L 04/21/2020

by D V 04/21/2020

by Mukesh K 04/21/2020

by Kiran Patil 04/20/2020

Good course