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by shivam pachauri 05/24/2017

i learn lot of thing about this course

by INZAMAM M 05/06/2017

by Richard A 04/16/2017

by Ganiu O 04/16/2017

by Laine H 04/12/2017

by Colletti Colletti, Owner, Collective solar 04/12/2017

take the time to view this if pursuing battery knowledge

by miguel a 04/10/2017

by Hannah D 04/09/2017

by Peter D 04/04/2017

by Gabriel S 03/30/2017

by Bryan D 03/29/2017

by Tryphon G 03/22/2017

by Kevin N 03/22/2017

by Ismaila Muhammad Yahuza 03/21/2017

This is awesome for a beginner like me. I really have a wider view for this course!

by Cristina B 03/20/2017


Its powerful and I gained knowledge

by Lucas M 02/13/2017

by Glenn Forslin 02/08/2017

Required knowledge for those new to offgrid energy and storage systems.

by Kerry Lipp, Solar Installer / Electrician, Lipp Electric & Solar 01/23/2017

Great amount of info in a short course. Covers all the basics and then some. I recommend it.

by Fadel Khattab 01/21/2017

So usefull

by RICHARD A 01/20/2017

by Sumant S 01/13/2017

by santhosh k 01/12/2017


by Todd Mcgill, Solar PV Installer/Tech, "Solar Contract Worker" (various) 01/11/2017


by Graham R 01/05/2017

by Orlando S 01/04/2017

by Miguel F 12/29/2016

by Rejean L 12/28/2016

by amber k 12/25/2016

by David D 12/21/2016

by Steven S 12/20/2016

by mera amiera 11/28/2016

we can enjoyed the this course we can improved more

by eimayong h 11/28/2016

by inna97 noraslinaitam 11/28/2016

we can enjoyed the course and we can providing our whether

by Atarsha p 11/28/2016

by asa e 11/28/2016

by andrew i 11/22/2016

by crecky akiey 11/17/2016


by jorita joey 11/17/2016

yes, i will

by along samri 11/17/2016

i like this course

by sedeq angah 11/17/2016

i enjoy when i lean something new.

by TIMOTHY JASON 11/17/2016


by ahmad aman 11/17/2016


by boy boye 11/17/2016

to make me become who am i today

by andak anjang 11/16/2016

battery capacity

by nelviro nelviro 11/16/2016

i want to learn more from this knowledge

by KELLY M 11/16/2016

by Leonardo V 11/08/2016

by Peekendra S 10/27/2016

by Daniel Bansale, Sales Manager, Millenniumtechno 10/24/2016

I've enjoyed to this course and learned a lot

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