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by Galen W 03/04/2019

by Linda Nerstad 02/24/2019

Have you had homeowners refuse to go solar because they wanted batteries so they could be "off the grid"? This course can give you feedback for clients that have no idea the advantages of the grid and the impact at this time of batteries on our environment.

by Fathi Mohammed AlGussi 02/16/2019

Its very good many information about battery in general and specify lead acid deep cycle

by Ravi A 02/15/2019

by Qassam Al izee 02/14/2019

Great site to learn of solar systems principles

by Shane B 02/12/2019

by Muthuvel Veluchamy 02/12/2019

in a short period we can know about the batteries

by Vijayarajan S 02/12/2019

by John H 02/09/2019

by rich J 02/08/2019

by Joseph Echebi 02/07/2019

This course will demystify all those ratings you see on a battery manufacturers' data sheet.

by Angela R 02/07/2019

by BRAJ NANDAN SINGH 02/03/2019

Nice to understand the Battery and its terminology used at various levels in the Industry & Procurement.

by Matthew B 02/03/2019

by Will M 01/29/2019

by Sergio S 01/24/2019

by Joao Pina, Professor, Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia 01/19/2019

This is a useful course for people with none or elementary knowledge on batteries. Some aspects are not completely clear, but it's very useful to search afterward.

by Nusrat Rehan M 12/19/2018

by Rafael G 12/18/2018

by Damaris E 12/15/2018

by James S 12/12/2018

by Karol K 12/04/2018

by Booma Jayapalan 11/25/2018

Very useful and more informative, clear lecture, expect more numbers of lectures....

by Jaldeep K 11/18/2018

by Eugene R 10/21/2018

by bibin j 10/08/2018

by Uche I 10/03/2018

by balachandran karthikeyan 10/03/2018


by RAMUVEL M 10/03/2018


by Balaji K 10/03/2018


by thomas c 09/25/2018

by Chris C 09/25/2018

by Alana M 09/18/2018

by Nathan A 09/10/2018

by Fahd Elhaissoufi 08/12/2018

Thank you

by Kavitha Sri 08/06/2018

Yes I enjoyed the course really

by Harish B 08/05/2018

by Hasina shafrin 08/04/2018

it very usefull

by Suria Kumar 08/02/2018


by Akash S 08/02/2018

by Thangavinoth Ravi 08/02/2018


by Sohil Abbas 08/01/2018


by Harshini Sri 08/01/2018

I enjoyed this course

by Sheik Abdullah 08/01/2018


by elavarasi kovalan 08/01/2018

Course is intresting

by Hari h 07/31/2018

by Deepak B 07/31/2018


by deiva s 07/31/2018

by Gnanaguru G 07/31/2018

by Urval Chotalia 07/30/2018

Yes, As an Fresherit's very helpful.

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