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by Abeer Elhaddad 04/02/2020

it was excellent

by Brandon D 04/01/2020

by Grant S 03/31/2020

by Dillon D 03/31/2020

by Altene Beavie 03/30/2020

This is a very good module to learn. It contains important basics which you might have forgotten

by David D 03/30/2020

by William Dorman 03/29/2020

The coarse is extremely insightful and can help anyone with little to no information about the battery capacity. I Highly recommend this to anyone looking to broaden their knowledge.

by Lawrence B 03/29/2020

by Stefanus Jacobus v 03/28/2020

by Alvin John Blanco 03/26/2020

Keep it Up!

by Mike B 03/25/2020

by Bryan L 03/25/2020

by Cody M 03/24/2020

by Emosi Kainabau, ECO-Energy Services 03/20/2020

The course has helped in refreshing some of the information I have already known as well as added more depth on the subject matter.

by Sharad Pawar 03/18/2020

In this shirt course i come to know so much about batteries and their life cycle and it is helping me in my carrier as well, and there is even so much learn further about batteries, near coming future batteries could become major source for energy storage.

by AbdulRaheem Abioye 03/07/2020

I learnt about the basics of battery capacity

by Kalpesh Pawar, Sr. Project Engineer, ASMI ENERGY SYSTEMS PVT LTD 03/06/2020

Yeah, I enjoyed the course... Short course like this will boost your knowledge of battery system and this course is basically clears all the factors about battery.

by Graham Macdonald 03/02/2020

A clear guide to the essentials of battery characteristics and language used.

by Rahul Kumar 02/26/2020


by Collin Taylor 02/22/2020

I knew the cold affected batteries negatively but I didn't realize the output would affect their life cycle that drastically

by SIVANANDHAM P 02/21/2020

by Arun Lal S 02/21/2020

by Harish T 02/21/2020


by Lodewyk E 02/14/2020

by Ashley Kucko 02/12/2020

This touches on the basics of batteries, what they consist of and what factors to take into account when choosing the right one for a specific system.

by Vikram M 02/06/2020

by Lynn L 02/04/2020

by kevin krupa 02/01/2020

Everything you need to know about battery storage is included.

by Hannah S 01/31/2020

by Syafirul Ariff S 01/25/2020

by Robert Rosenthal 01/12/2020

I have tried to learn these basics many times, and I got confused. This course finally put it all together so that my basic knowledge is now ready for more challenge.

by Andy B 01/11/2020

by Alsawy M 12/30/2019

by Ravi S 12/24/2019

by Rachel W 12/09/2019

by Henry Ejinwa 12/03/2019

It is a good start to understanding all about batteries for PV system

by David R 11/26/2019

by Veerappan R 11/18/2019

by Manikandan jayachandran 11/14/2019


by Suryaprakash S 11/04/2019

by Ismayil Boojelben 11/02/2019

I highly recommend this course to those interested in knowing the basics of storage.

by Mulikat A 10/31/2019

by Tijani Dare 10/29/2019

I really love this course, because it enlighten me on how to use my battery in a right way.

by Eren E 10/26/2019

by ERICA W 10/23/2019

by George O 10/22/2019

by Michael Hagen 10/18/2019

Good understanding of battery basics

by Oluwole Akindoyin 10/09/2019

This course broke down the technicalities about battery and how it works.

by IFEANYI IKEDINICHI, Mr 10/08/2019

Its a course you will love.

by Scott Shadrick 10/06/2019

This is a very good start to learning to use batteries for household power storage and backup.

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